New Game Alert: Which Are Worth Your Time?

Many new games launch on Steam every day. It makes things very exciting for gamers, but it’s a tough job keeping up with the latest releases. There’s every chance that you miss a great game in the crowd of new ones if you don’t try out every new game released on Steam. 

You would have to drop everything else to locate the better games from the storm of new ones. Well, we have taken the trouble of doing exactly that and sorted out the ones that are worth your time. Here are the best games you can try your gaming skills on right now. 

Dream Engines: Nomad Cities

City Builders with a twist is riding on a wave of popularity now, with Dream Engines: Nomad Cities being the latest entry in this rapidly growing genre. This game has you building and looking after floating cities. Making things even more challenging, these cities float through a “nightmare-infested, post-apocalyptic world.” 

Hence, brace yourself for disasters more bizarre than the staple dose of hurricanes, wildfires, and alien invasions. Apart from building the city itself, you’ll be constructing automated production lines while defending your city from ghostly raids. To perform all of this, you’ll have to scout for resources in procedurally generated worlds. 

The game will stay on EA for two years, but it’s weighty now itself. 

World for Two

In World for Two, you’ll have to find your way as a robot through a bleak and broken world. All the while, you’ll not only have to look for resources that help you to hopefully revive lives but also harvest them. 

The Professor controls the android through a remote, and while the rest of humanity has perished, he has somehow survived. The detailed pixel art world the game features are astonishing. The game is stringed together by a fascinating creation mechanism: you can create up to 60 different creatures using the resources and add some cheer to the world ending. 

The Immortal Mayor

Here’s another city builder game that packs a punch. Some reviews describe it as a combination of god game and city builder. You are a local deity, and you rest the land’s safekeeping and prosperity. You’ll be building the city here while also seeing that the citizens gather important resources by encouraging them. You’ll also have to motivate them to produce supplies. Of course, as a good deity, you’ll do everything you can to ensure the citizens’ well-being. You’ll have to see to it that the citizens are gainfully employed as well. 

With magic added to the scheme of things and you having to make contact with other Gods, a lot is happening. The game’s been available on Easy Access for six months, and more buildings and game modes are supposed to be added soon. 

Creepy Tales 2

The cartoon art style of Creepy Tales 2 gives you an entirely different first impression, but this point-and-click adventure is scary with a dark premise. 

In this game, you’ll see the protagonist Lars looking around for his sister, who has been taken away by an evil power. The Brothers Grimm fairy tales have had a major influence on this game where Lars makes “new magical friends” while exploring a world filled with tricky puzzles and strange encounters. Like the Grimm Brothers, Creepy Tales 2 also looks like it’s meant for kids, while in reality, it offers thrill creepy enough to take the stuffing out of adults. 

Lost at Sea

Here you’re on an intriguing journey of exploring the unreal recollections that keep flooding an older woman. The game has a strange island as its backdrop where you should be ready to come across freaky things like floating buses. As you proceed in the game, you’ll be tracking down and solving puzzles that will help remove the ambiguity the protagonist’s buried memories are shrouded with. 

The description of the game on Seam says that you’ll have to take on all the fears head-on, or if you aren’t yet ready, walk away. It is an interesting pick for gamers looking for a slow game that builds up gradually to get you hooked. 


Each of the games we have picked is engrossing. We have searched through the deluge of games and picked the best ones for you. The games have an intriguing plot with excellent graphics. They are sure to give you the thrill and excitement you seek. 

If you hesitate, remember that in most sources, you will be able to ask for a refund. However, you can also use a free VPN to get better deals on Steam or other providers. By changing your IP address, you will likely notice a significant price drop. If your gaming experience has always been limited due to prices, it is a great solution. 

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