New Google Pixel poses for the camera, UI intact

We’ve seen Google Pixel photos before. First, they were leaked at Twitter with glass and metal construction. Next, we got to see a Nest smart thermostat commercial from Germany that included the new phone (the dark back is an attestation to HTC’s design language). Of course, renders have appeared on the Web, but the renders are no match for the real photo of the real thing.

We’ve seen the display sizes, and we’ve long heard that the Pixel lineup would include 5-inch and 5.5-inch displays, but we hadn’t gotten a look at the Launcher much — except for its appearance on an HTC device. Now, we get a look at what the Pixel Launcher has to offer, though it isn’t much to look at.

Google Pixel Launcher

A new tweet from famous leakster @evleaks, known as Evan Blass of VentureBeat shows the first Pixel Launcher look on the actual device (we presume this is, and with good reason). “This is the Google Pixel,” Blass wrote on his Twitter page, with a picture that can only be described as a new Google Launcher known as Pixel Launcher. First, there’s the “G” at the top left of the launcher that appears to be a “slider” that takes you from the current screen to the internet. This has been something of a staple feature for Nexus devices, though we imagine Google has something new up its sleeve here

The icons look rounded and uniform, which is what we’ve been told about the Pixel Launcher icons. The new Play Store has an icon with a rounded circle around it due to Google’s rules about Android app icons. We found out that Google is setting a rule into place with the new Pixel Launcher, but it’s been the new green battery icon in the new Galaxy Note 7 replacements that has brought Google round icons rule to the surface. Below the icons, we see the software buttons for “back,” “home,” and “task manager,” but they appear to be slightly touched up from previous versions.

The date on the new Google Pixel photo is October 1st, which shows that Google intends to reveal the new Google Pixel and Pixel XL in a few days (October 4th is the exact date).


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