New HTC 10 photos, additional information surfaces

The HTC 10 has had its share of the spotlight, so much so that it’s only a few days before the Taiwanese manufacturer unveils its latest smartphone. The latest news on the device concerns some new photos that have leaked, as well as new information regarding the HTC 10.

First, new photos show the front of the phone in its entirety, followed by the back of the phone with the camera up-close. We get an even better look at how the camera will perform by way of a photo provided that shows off one of the cameras (though we don’t know which).

The front of the HTC 10 shows a physical home button that is not capacitive, which is a good sign. It seemed as though HTC would attempt something different with the home button — but finally decided to pull a Samsung and maintain the physical front button. The display of the HTC 10 rocks the latest Sense 8.0, with one of the new wallpapers that you can download already. The back of the phone shows the silver model we presumed HTC would make (silver has been one of its main selling colors since the One M7), followed by the new rear flash and circular camera. The up-close photos of the HTC 10 show what could be a dual flash on the back of the phone, though time will tell if this is correct.

Other details have been revealed about the HTC 10 on social media siteĀ Weibo. Of those details, there are only two that stand out: the front-facing camera is made by Samsung (“Samsung s5k4e6. 5MP) and the back camera is made by Sony (IMX377, 12MP with OIS). We see that both Sony and Samsung will profit from HTC’s newest smartphone, making money off each camera chip that goes into its upcoming device: “HTC 10 front-facing camera: Samsung s5k4e6 (5mp) Main-camera: Sony IMX377 (12mp) with OIS…”

HTC is all set to announce its upcoming HTC 10 smartphone on April 12th, just three days away, and we know much of what there is to know. Of course, HTC could always surprise us, but at this point, we’ve seen enough to tell you that you’re either going to love or hate this phone. Take a look at the new photos below until the real deal is revealed.

HTC 10 photo HTC 10 back camera HTC 10 with black front HTC 10 with PC white HTC 10 Leaked-photos-of-the-white-HTC-10



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