New iPhone 6s, iPhone 6 video shows the benefit of 2GB of RAM

Apple finally decided to move past the 1GB of RAM it had been so in love with in older iPhone models and embrace 2GB of RAM in the iPhone 6s. Android users are untouched by Apple’s decision because Android has seen 2GB of RAM in its devices for the last year or two. Current Android devices come with 3GB of RAM, and Samsung leads the way in Android with 4GB of RAM in the Galaxy S6 edge+ and Galaxy Note5. What Android users have been saying to iOS users for forever is that 1GB of RAM is simply. Not. Enough.

That proves true in the latest iPhone 6s/iPhone 6 speed test as shown by tech site iDownloadBlog. The Apple fan tech site decided to pit the iPhone 6s against its predecessor, the iPhone 6, and see how much of a difference the additional GB of RAM really makes. The answer? It makes quite a bit of difference. In the video, the iPhone 6 has to reload pages after they’ve been in the task manager for a short time, while the iPhone 6s doesn’t have to reload webpages at all. In fact, the video tester touches the webpage in the task manager and the webpage simply pops up – with no reloads needed!

It’s good for iPhone users to see that additional GBs of RAM does make a difference in overall performance, but Android users have been stressing the importance of additional RAM for years. It seems as though Apple finally decided to make some tech spec improvements in the iPhone 6s to woo over Android tech enthusiasts and motivate current iPhone 6 fans to “buy up.” For some, the iPhone 6s front camera (5MP), back camera (now 12MP, up from 8MP in the iPhone 6), 4K video capture, Live Photos, 3D Touch, and even the new rose gold color, all make the iPhone 6s a must-have.

To check out the video, visit the link below.


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