New Kingdom Hearts Details Emerge For 2 Different Games

A LinkedIn profile for a former Square Enix Game Designer has revealed new information about both Kingdom Hearts III and the rumored Kingdom Hearts 2.9.

Kingdom Hearts fansite  has posted an image of the profile in question. While the name of the member is not visible if you’re not connected to him KH13 has validated a number of the profile connected to the individual so they view the information as valid.

The most interesting thing in the profile is the apparent confirmation of the game Kingdom Hearts 2.9. The title was listed on a Square Enix sign during E3 but was eventually removed and nothing was ever said publicly by Square. It now looks as if that game is, or at least was, a real thing. The title as listed for PS3 and PS4, or at least those are the versions this person was involved in.

In addition, there was also some interesting info found regarding the upcoming Kingdom Hearts III. Our mystery developer lists “multiplayer planning” as one of his responsibilities indicating that the game will have one. He or she also mentions that they acted as a translator in meetings with both Disney and PIXAR. No PIXAR property has made an appearance in a KH game, but that may be about to change.

Square Enix will be at the Tokyo Game Show in a couple weeks and while they will not be officially showing off anything Kingdom Hearts related at the show, they do have a “secret” event planned over the weekend, so it’s just possible we’ll learn more about Kingdom Hearts then.

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