Life has become more convenient and fun from the very moment the Global Positioning System (GPS) was opened up to everyone.  People can now keep an eye on the whereabouts of their kids, find the fastest route to a meeting or even track their dogs. Nowadays logistic companies are using GPS trailer tracking solutions to track the location of the trailer and improved productivity of the drivers. The best part of all is that you do not need to be a tech genius to figure out how to use it.

We are currently witnessing significant evolution in GPS. Several technology companies are making significant efforts to make GPS more efficient by developing better and better tracking apps. This implies that people will most likely have access to more reliable geolocation info and real-time updates that are more accurate.


One of the constant characteristics of the tech industry is its constant evolution. In some cases, additional features are added to technologies, and in others, the technology is replaced completely. This also applies to satellites. During the year 2017, more than 30 new satellites (commonly referred to as GPS III) were launched into orbit around the earth. The objective of those satellites is to help revolutionize the concept of tracking drones that are military-grade, vehicles, and mobile apps.

Today, tracking applications use GPS III through advance tracking signals such as Russia’s GLONASS, USA’s Navstar or China’s Baidu. Some experts believe that the full potential of the GPS III will be reached by this year (2020). This implies that tracking apps will have access to more accurate info from GPS III. Learn more about this from tracking experts.


Here are a few benefits that the advancements of GPS will bring to the tracking apps of the future:

  • MORE DURABLE AND RELIABLE GPS: Several investments in Indoor Atlas have been made by a Chinese tech industry giant known as Baidu. These investments are geared towards developing a tracker that is more efficient when it comes to tracking indoors. The name of this new tracking app is “Indoor GPS”. The amazing feature of this tracker is that it takes indoor tracking to another level by giving you precise position information of whatever you are tracking indoors. This implies that precise data (such as the actual room and floor that the object or person you are tracking is located) will be provided. Awesome, right?
  • MORE SECURE AND CONVENIENT TRAVELING: We cannot overemphasize the importance of GPS when it comes to going on tour or embarking on road-trips. The current advancements in GPS have taken the accuracy of the data provided by these tracking apps to the next level. Furthermore, the speed of data transmission has been improved significantly. This means that you now have access to more precise info in less time.
  • ENABLING REALTIME TRACKING: Still, photos are the only way we all know GPS to display all the footage captured by satellites. We usually see trackers as blips or/and lines whenever we launch the map. However, this is about to change. In no time, tracking apps will be able to provide real-time displays and data of the environment just like we have all seen in spy movies.

In conclusion, the opportunities provided to the tracking apps of the future by the advancements of GPS are limitless.

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