New PlayStation 4 Models On The Way?

Sony loves to release new versions of their consoles. Every PlayStation since the first has seen multiple iterations over the course of its lifetime. The PSOne was a model of the original PlayStation that included it’s own screen. The PS3 got a Slim model and that apparently worked so well there was a Super Slim model. Now, it looks like we may be about to see new models of the PlayStation 4.

Dualshockers is reporting that the FCC has published new certification documents for new versions of the PS4. The new models appear to be similar to each other, with the exception of storage space. While one of the models includes the standard 500 GB hard drive, the other is listed with 1 TB.

Beyond that the only differences between these new models, listed as CUH-1215A and CUH-1215B, seem to be changes in the internal components.  The power source has been made smaller, from 250w to 230w, with an amp reduction to 2.3-0.95 A from 2.5-1.15 A. There has also been a total weight reduction of .3 Kg (a little over half a pound). It’s unlikely the component changes led to the weight reduction so we’ll have to wait and see if there are any other changes that aren’t part of the FCC publication.

While Sony often makes running changes to the console without announcement, the hard drive change likely means that we will see the announcement of at least one “new model” with a 1 TB hard drive soon. Possibly at E3.  The 500 GB version may just shift into place of the existing model without comment.

Consoles are notoriously unprofitable so even if these changes make the consoles cheaper we likely won’t see a price drop as Sony is more likely to pocket whatever savings they get from these changes. While Xbox One has been making some strides to catch up to the PS4 sales numbers, Sony is not having any trouble selling their console at it’s current price point. A price drop now would only rub salt in Microsoft’s wounds. While it’s possible Sony might do that, they’re more likely they’re too busy counting their money to be that petty.


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