Nexus 6P now sold out at the Google Store

The Nexus 6P has had something of an unusually good start to the first year of its life. After the announcement, the Nexus 6P camera was put to the test and found deserving of higher honor than any Nexus phone to date. Now, we’ve received word that the Nexus 6P has sold out at the Google Store.

The Nexus 6P could have had a small amount of stock, as Google seems to keep a small amount to determine demand. As is the case with a number of companies, whether wealthy or not, most smartphone makers determine demand before production so as to not overproduce or underproduce. In the case of Samsung, for instance, the company underestimated the popularity of its Galaxy S6 edge earlier this year, which, at one point, was being bought at the same rate as the original Galaxy S6 (unheard of for Samsung). Due to low Galaxy Note Edge sales, the Korean manufacturer could never have foreseen the love of the “edge” on the Galaxy S6 model, which made it difficult for Samsung to prepare production to meet demand. Whenever demand isn’t met, frustrated users turn to other devices, which can hurt overall sales and financial stability in the long run.



While it’s been said that the Nexus 6P has sold out, not all storage versions are out. You can still get a 32GB model, however, but the Graphite Black 32GB model is unavailable and only the 32GB Aluminum model is currently in stock. No 64GB or 128GB model is available at the moment.

Google currently has a limited time $50 Google Play credit available for those who purchase the Nexus 6P by October 25th, but with the company having sold out of its early models, those who sign up now may be out of luck.

The Nexus 6P features a 5.7-inch, Super AMOLED display (Samsung-made) with a Quad HD resolution of 2,560 x 1,440p, an octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor, 3GB of RAM, 32GB/64/128GB of storage, an 8MP front camera, 13MP back camera, and a 3,450mAh battery. The Nexus 6P has been ranked above the iPhone 6s Plus camera this year, but the device suffers from average battery life. You can pick up the device for $449 (32GB), $549 (64GB), and $649 (128GB). And, as we continue to remind you, the device will work on both Sprint and Verizon networks.


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