How Long Does Night Last In Minecraft?

Minecraft is a very well-known and popular games which provides amazing gaming experience. It is very exciting wherein you get to be in a world where you could explore and build things. However, keep in mind that if you go into the Minecraft world, the time is very different from the real world time. In fact, in Minecraft, the time runs 72 times faster than in the real world. Having that in mind, you might think, then, how long does a night last in Minecraft. In this article, we shall provide you a straight answer to this question and provide you more information and fun facts about time in Minecraft.

A night in Minecraft lasts only about 7 minutes. In fact night starts at 13000 ticks and would end at 23000 ticks. This is the duration when it becomes dark in the game which signifies it is night.

What is the day/night cycle of Minecraft?

In Minecraft, as mentioned earlier, time is different from real time – real world. It runs much faster and the day/night cycle is actually quite different. The transition between night and day and vice-versa would last only for about 20 minutes in the game instead of our 24 hours in real life.

Just like in real world, as soon as the sun sets, it would get dark and you would notice the difference in the light levels which indicates the change of the sky and the change of time.

Entire Cycle that Runs in Minecraft

  • Daytime – this is when the sky is slightly blue and bright. This is when the trees and plants grow. This is also when you would come across passive mobs.
  • Nighttime – Once day time ends, night time would then follow. This is indicated by the sky turning into dark blue and stars appear. During the night, you would need to use a light source. Keep in mind, during night time, this is when Minecraft gets dangerous.
  • Dawn – this is when the sun starts to rise. It is when the sky slowly turns to blue.
  • Dusk – this is when the sun sets. Light slowly fades away.
CycleLasting Time
Daytime10 minutes
Nighttime7 minutes
Dawn90 seconds
Dusk90 seconds

How Long Is A Day In Minecraft?

Compared to nighttime, daytime in Minecraft is much longer. In fact, it has the longest cycle section. Daytime in Minecraft lasts about 20 minutes and this is indicated by its brightness level turning to 15 which provides more light. Daytime starts at 0 ticks and would end by 12000 ticks.

Keep in mind that the color of the day sky would depend on the biome. This means, if you are in a desert, the sky would be lighter compared to a forest where there are a lot of trees covering direct sunlight.

Effects of Gamely During Nighttime

When it turns to nighttime, the moon and stars would appear. Then, the sky would become dark. In Minecraft, there are 4 levels of light which comes from the moon. As mentioned is when it gets dangerous. It is during at night hostile mobs appear.

How to Survive the Night In Minecraft?

To be able to survive you would need to keep in mind the following:

  • Nighttime is the most dangerous time in Minecraft. It is when hostile mobs, skeletons, zombies, spiders, creepers go out.
  • Slimes roam free during the night
  • Use armor and sword when you roam around outside during the night
  • Do not go outside unless you could navigate through the terrain
  • Be aware of your surroundings
  • Make a shelter on the ground. Cover it with dirt and hide at night


We hope that through this article, you are able to get useful information about nighttime in Minecraft.

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