Nike Showcases Self Lacing Sneakers

This week Nike unveiled a new edition of Mags that features a self-lacing feature inspired by Back to the Future. Though Nike has indicated that it will be making only 89 pairs of which they will be raffled off to individuals who buy tickets at $10, the technology is still the same powering Nike’s HypeAdapt shoes which are expected to be available in November this year. Proceeds collected by Nike in the sales of self-lacing sneakers will help the Michael J. Fox Foundation’s research on Parkinson disease.

Only recently did Nike develop the technology to have laces wrap around the foot so that it can give it a perfect snug feel. The shoes have been designed for athletics and ball player, particularly basketball though they can also be used casually.

Nike Senior Innovator Tiffany Beers described the long process of making self-lacing a reality. She notes that Tinker Hatfield first asked her to look at this problem in 2005. She further explains why this technology could be more than just a cool novelty. Beer notes the shoes will allow blood flow to go back to the feet during timeouts in basketball. Also, help in improving the running performance of athletes when the shoes get wet, or the foot of a runner swells in a marathon since they simply adjust it.

To enter the raffle, you can visit the Nike Mag website. There is no set limitation to the number of tickets one can buy. The draw starts this week and will conclude on October 11, 2016. The winner will be notified on October 17.

Nike CEO and President Mark Parker noted in a statement that the idea behind Nike Mag unlocked something much bigger and had opened their eyes to the ability to fight some of the world’s greatest challenges. They both noted that they are privileged for the opportunity to raise more awareness for the fight against Parkinson’s. In 2011, Nike managed to raise $5.7 million for the foundation by auctioning 1,500 pairs of Air MAGS.

Watch the video to see how the self-lacing works.

Featured Image Credit:abc7ny

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