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Ninja Ultima Blender BL810 Review

So long as ninjas are used as an adjective or a description or a name of a certain object, an application of lethal moves under quiet practice is addressed. Now, technology has a trend for appliances introduced into the market. They shouldn’t be noisy and they should perfect their purpose.

A blender is something that usually does only the latter because it can be a bit of a noise pollutant when activated. Ninja Ultima has been aiming to get rid of that downside for quite some time now and it seems that they are closer to reaching it now more than ever.

Product Description & Features

The Ninja Ultima BL810 blender is known to be effectively lethal as it shreds food slices into bits and pieces. It comes with the regular 72 ounce pitcher with a 40 ounce mixing bowl. It looks basically like the pitcher, only it’s very much smaller. Each bowl has its own set of blades, whisk, hook for the dough, and attachments for dough paddles.

Possessing the specifications of 1,500 wattage, 2.5 horsepower and rpm ranges from 3,700 to 24,000, Ninja Ultima BL810 blender is considered as one immensely powerful blender.

It is loud but when it comes to gauging its effectiveness, it does get a high point. Standing 18 inches long and 8 inches wide, the Ninja blender provides its user with manifold options that would accommodate their shredding and blending desires. 

Pros And Cons

The Ninja comes with a very reasonable price despite the fact that it’s a powerful blender. It has the capacity to compete and probably even supersede blenders that cost twice as much as this affordable gizmo. It even comes with lots of accessories which offer you options and variations depending on what you need to use it for.

However, this can also be a down side on this appliances claim for recognition. There are those people who are not entirely fond of preserving too many accessories at once when their fixated on using the appliance for one thing. Secondly, the Ninja is quite bulky and is therefore not easy to move around or transfer on congested spaces. 


The Ninja Ultima BL810 blender is an all in one appliance that can help you get rid of the others that take up space in your kitchen. With such a reasonable pricing and powerful capability, the device can be of service to consumers who are saving up but are also wishing to do more.

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