Nintendo Releasing Mother as EarthBound Beginnings on Wii U

Today, Nintendo announced the release of Famicon’s original Mother on Wii U Virtual Console titled ‘EarthBound Benginnings’ to celebrate Mother 2’s 20th Anniversary. The original NES game was released in 1989, and althouth it was prepared for a North American release, it was later dropped and deemed unviable for the American market.

It’s no secret that the EarthBound community is over the top vocal to Nintendo about their love for the franchise, and although the fans might have preferred to see Mother 3 finally get an English release, it’s still a good sign that Nintendo is listening and allowing us to relive the original game that transpired into the EarthBound remake we all adore so much.

The game will be out on Wii U’s eShop at 6pm Pacific, 9pm Eastern time tonight. Exciting! Even though the earlier version of the game is not a rich, I cannot wait to experience the humble beginning of this memorable journey.

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