Nissan Scoot Electric Car Review: Cheap Electric Scooter Cars

If you have been surfing the net nowadays, for sure you would have come across Nissan Scoot Electric Car. In fact, it has been going around all over the internet as this scoot electric car comes with a price of only $179. What is more amazing is that you would no longer have to worry about gas and engine maintenance.

The Nissan Scoot Electric Car comes with 4 wheels and is a 2 seater. It has already been running on the streets of San Fransisco. You would definitely love seeing people renting out these little scooter cars everywhere. What is amazing as mentioned earlier is that it is affordable.

Since this car is electric, this means that it runs on electricity. With this, you will be able to work it with your smartphone. The only downside is that only about 10 are running on the road. Though that is the case, the company has assured its customers that they are only starting and it is only the beginning. They are still in an experimental quad for both scoot company and Nissan.

Nissan Scoot Electric Car $179 – Cheapest Electric Scooter Car

Nissan has been in the vehicle/car industry and they are moving forward with the innovation by introducing first electric car in 2010 and today, they are collaborating and working with Scoot to ensure car/vehicle industry continues to evolve in the metropolitan areas.

After their first experiment with the scoot electric car, they have made modifications which enabled them to offer this electric car at a very affordable price. It will also be equipped with extra back storage for you to be able to place your things or groceries.

The Nissan Scoot electric cars have a compact design. It is one of the cheapest car that has captivated the streets of San Francisco. After testing extensively this vehicle, it could now be available to the market. Though this is the case, it is now being encourage to try the new mobility concept of electric vehicles being shared.

Nissan Scoot Electric Car Review

Nissan was able to notice the 2012 one plus one Twizy’s concept which was being sold overseas. They have modified it to enable it to become the new mobility concept. However, its rear profile is the same as the quad. Its motor is 13 Kilowatt and has the ability to produce 17 horsepower of energy. It has about 4hours of charging time with level 2 charger.

What makes this electric car affordable is its scoot’s network of stations around the city. This vehicle could run up a maximum speed of 50 miles per hour. Though this is the case, keep in mind that there is a law requirement which Nissan has to follow which means, they had to lower the maximum speed to 25 mph. Hence, with this law, scoot members will have to pass the training and an exam to be able to start this service.

Nissan Scoot electric car is not like the Smart Fortwo car when it comes with the space inside. The space is narrow and the covers of the seats are made of plastic. Moreover, you will find Scoot lightning bolt Renault logo on the steering wheel.

It also comes with a speedometer and charge level indicator. Unfortunately, these indicators are a little bit difficult to read. It also has unique windshield which could hold smartphones. This car has an excellent agile and it has a very impressive performance in its ability to turn circles. Its horn is powerful which would definitely notify other motorists and pedestrian of your existence.

This vehicle is definitely worth testing and having.


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