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No DP Signal from Your Device Monitor

Dell is a very popular, reliable and reputable computer/computer monitor brand. They have trustworthy products which many love. However, just like any other device and technology, there are some challenges and issues which we must fix. One of the challenges that you might encounter is the no signal error.

No DP Signal from Your Device Dell Monitor

The fastest way for you to be able to fix the mentioned issue is by turning off and unplugging your monitor and computer and then after 30 seconds, plug in and power on your monitor first then your computer. If the problem is still there, try to make sure that the input is correct and the display resolution settings are selected. Also check if all the cables that you are using are undamaged and are secured.

Troubleshoot Your Monitor

Unplug and Reboot the Monitor and PC

Just like any device, the first method that you should try whenever you are experiencing problems or issues is turning off, unplugging the device and plug and turn on again your device. In this case, we suggest that you turn off and unplug your monitor first then your monitor. After 30 seconds, plug again and turn on again the monitor first then your computer. Keep in mind that the sequence of plugging and turning on the monitor first then the computer after is very important to make this method work properly.

Adjust the Monitor Input Setting

As mentioned earlier, you must ensure that your monitor is set to the correct input.

  • Identify the cord that you are using – HDMI or DisplayPort or VGA or DVI display cable?
  • Locate the source or input button. This could be found in the middle or right side of your monitor
  • Adjust the input Dell monitor
  • Press input or menu button
  • Toggle the input option
  • Select DisplayPort option
  • Select the cable that you are using on the Input Source menu

Inspect the Display Cables

  • Ensure that your monitor is connected
  • Check if the cable is loose
  • It could also be that your connection is broken
  • Ensure that you check the display cable connection
  • Ensure that there are no obstruction on the cable
  • Check for visible damages
  • Try using a different input cable

Adjust the Monitor Resolution Setting

There is a huge possibility where your computer’s graphic card could be set on display resolution which is higher than your monitor’s capabilities.

  • Reboot your computer to Safe Mode
  • Your computer will lower the display resolution
  • Go to your computer’s resolution setting
  • Select lower standard display resolution
To check which resolution to use:
  • Look for the model number of your monitor. This usually could be found at the back of your monitor
  • You could also check your Dell user manual
  • Try to do some trial and error
  • Every update that you do check within 30 seconds if there will be any error message.

Troubleshooting PC

Check if it is your device that has the problem by using your monitor on another device – laptop, desktop, game console and the like. If your monitor is working, then, it is your device that has the problem.

Ensure Display Cable is Plugged into Graphic Card and Not the Motherboard

Ensure that your monitor cable is connected to your graphic card and not your motherboard.

Remove, Reorder and Reseat the RAM sticks

  • Ensure that your computer is turned off
  • unplug the power cord which is removed from the outlet
  • Open your PC unit
  • Remove each and every RAM stick
  • Reorder the sticks
  • Reinsert the sticks back into the respective RAM seats


This stands for Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor. It powers your BIOS firmware. If you reset your BIOS, it will go back to its previous configuration and will fix the mentioned error.

  • Turn off your computer
  • Unplug it
  • Remove CMOS battery from the motherboard
  • Hold down the power button to drain the excess power
  • Reinsert the CMOS battery back
  • Reboot your computer.

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