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Difference between No Location Found and Location Not Available on iPhone

With the iPhone’s Share My Location function, friends and family can always know where each other is. It’s helpful for things like seeing how far away someone is from the agreed-upon meeting spot, keeping tabs on where the kids are, finding loved ones in an emergency, and even finding a misplaced iPhone. 

The “Find My Friends” and “Find My iPhone” applications sometimes provide the error message “No Location Found” or “Location Not Available.” Why does it act like that? Well, there are a few reasons, but first, you should read this source and learn about what “no location found on iPhone” means before you find a difference between No Location Found and Location Not Available on iPhone. 

Besides, we must separate the two states of iPhone’s location services: Location Not Available on iPhone and No Location Found. 

So, what does it imply when it says “Location Not Available”?

If your iPhone gives you a “Location Not Available” message, it means the GPS is attempting to pinpoint your exact location but has been unsuccessful so far. It’s likely that they’re in an area with little or no network connection, rendering their phones useless.

Therefore, does the fact that the location is not available imply that they have turned it off? It’s not possible. They must have switched it off, though, just as you were beginning to check on their whereabouts.

Can you explain what it means when it says “No Location Found”?

For whatever reason, GPS was unable to locate your precise position, as shown by the “No Location Found” message. There are a number of causes for this, including:

  • Airplane Mode Activated

When you put your device into flight mode, your internet and cellular connections are cut off. That’s why you’ve been getting the “No location” error whenever you’ve tried to track them down.

  • GPS is Turned Off

Sharing your location with others on an iPhone is made possible via the use of the global positioning system. You may forget about using the “Find My” feature if your phone is turned off or experiencing technical difficulties.

  • Logged Out of iCloud

Once you sign out of your iCloud account, your device will no longer be able to communicate with Apple’s servers. As a result, your smartphone will not be updated with its location.

  • Outdated Software

Problems with the Share My Location function might occur in older versions due to bugs and other malfunctions.

  • Not Signed In to Find My

After logging out, the Find My app will no longer allow you to see where your friends are. As long as they haven’t signed in and set up the app, you’ll keep seeing the Location not found the problem. 

Difference between No Location Found and Location Not Available

Find My Friends and iMessage could give the impression that the user’s location is unavailable when GPS is used to try to pinpoint the user’s whereabouts. The app seems to be doing nothing as it continues to look for the user’s location.

The “no location found” message usually occurs when a phone has lost service or is unable to connect to a wireless network. If your phone says “location not available,” it implies the GPS has tried but been unable to pinpoint your exact position.

How to Fix No Location Found Error?

There are a wide variety of causes for the Find My app to report “No location Found,” however some of them are simply corrected by the user’s iPhone itself. Consider the following points.

  • Confirm GPS is in Excellent Working Condition

When trying to conserve battery life, some users intentionally disable their GPS, making it impossible for the Find My app to locate them. The app should still be able to locate the user even if they have turned off their GPS, however, this does not always work as expected. To make sure this doesn’t mess up Find My, go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services and enable GPS.

  • Check Date & Time

Find My Friends won’t function if your friend’s smartphone has an improper date and time. If you and a friend are both experiencing this problem, your friend can fix it by setting the device’s date to the present.

The Time Zone can be viewed and modified in the Settings > General > Date & Time menu.

As soon as an iPhone is connected to a Wi-Fi network and the time and date are changed, Find My Friends will function normally again.  

  • Reinstall and Login to Find My App Again 

The ‘No location found’ problem might be caused by a small bug or malfunction in the iOS system, in which case reinstalling and reopening the app would be the best course of action. The ‘Find My’ app may be uninstalled by doing a long press on the icon in the application launcher and then selecting the ‘Remove app’ option. After that, reinstall the app and sign in again. 

The Last Word 

By letting others know where you are via the “Find My” app, you may take important precautions to ensure your own safety. However, even the most polished Apple applications may sometimes crash or fail to properly function. If the “No location found” error keeps popping up in the “Find My” app, try the above solutions.

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