No red OnePlus 3, company says

Remember that red OnePlus 3 that OnePlus leaked a few days ago? Well, it seems as though the color and the possibility of its appearance on a OnePlus 3, for example, will forever remain a mobile fantasy. A OnePlus representative has spoken to tech site GSM Arena and told the site that there won’t be any red OnePlus 3 available for purchase: “…a company representative reached out to us today and officially confirmed that the listing in question was an error and that the handset will only be available in two colors – Graphite and Soft Gold,” the site says.

It’s interesting that the red OnePlus 3 was leaked by OnePlus, yet the representative claims that the leak was just an error. We don’t know what this means. Perhaps it’s the case that the red color was debated some time ago and the company decided to leave it on the sidelines until a later time. Perhaps Carl Pei leaked the red model in order to drum up attention and see if consumers wanted it. Perhaps, should the company get a lot of love and respect for the red color after this “leak,” it’ll release a red OnePlus 4 next year.

A number of high-end smartphones have arrived on the market that did sport a luxury red color: LG G3 (LG’s red variant was a solely exclusive Verizon-branded version), LG G Flex 2, Samsung Galaxy S4, HTC One, Samsung Galaxy Note 3, Nokia Lumia 1520, Motorola Moto X, Samsung Galaxy S3, HTC One Max, Nokia Lumia 920, and the Samsung Galaxy S5 Active, among others. I personally think that the company should consider a red OnePlus 3 for consumers, so that its phone can stand out from the batch of current ones (at least in color, since its specs are mostly the same as the other high-end contenders) — but the company often has to be shown that it’s wrong about things (such as NFC, for instance).


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