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Why Am I not Receiving iMessages?

With iMessage, you can send and receive messages across iOS devices. This a convenient communication solution for iPad, Mac or iPod Touch since they don’t support standard SMS texts. The iMessage service works really well, but in some cases, you may notice some issues, such as that the iMessages suddenly stop working and you are not receiving them on your device. iPhone users can still get SMS text messages from non-iPhone users but there won’t be iMessages received from other people using iPhone. If you have an iPad, an iPhone and an iPod Touch, you may notice that the iMessages are delivered to one or two of them only.

Checking the reason behind the issue: Why are iMessages not being received?

In order to receive iMessages, your device has to be connected to the Internet. You can use mobile data or WiFi, but if there is no internet connection available, your messages simply won’t come through so make sure that you are online.

Check the Settings

If you are not receiving iMessages, you need to ensure that the message settings of the device have not been changed. Go to the Settings app and select Messages. Verify that the iMessage slider is set to the On position.

Then, you need to select Send & receive. You should see your Apple ID at the top of the window. If the Apple ID password has been changed, you will have to sign in using your new password to authorize the device again.

Reset iMessage

If you have verified that the settings are correct and that there is no issue on that side, it is likely that your iOS device has simply been disconnected from the iMessage server. In order to reset the iMessage connection, you need to go to Settings, then Messages, followed by Send & Receive and uncheck the email addresses in the “You Can be Reached by iMessage at” section.

After that, tap your Apple ID at the top of the screen and select Sign Out. Go back one screen and disable iMessage using the slider.

The next step is to reset the device. You can do this by pressing and holding the Sleep/Wake button and the Home button for around 10 seconds. While you are holding the buttons, the screen will go blank. Keep on holding the buttons until the Apple logo shows up. Once the logo appears on the screen, you can release the buttons.

When the device restarts, allow 5 to 10 minutes, then move the iMessage slider back to the On position. Then sign in with your Apple ID. The iMessage activation should continue as normal. Once iMessage is enabled, return to Settings, then go to Messages, Send & receive and make sure that any email addresses that you want to use for iMessage are selected.

If the issues persist and you are still unable to receive iMessages, and you have multiple Apple devices, reset the iMessage connection on all your devices. This should fix the problem.

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