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Notifi Smart Doorbell Review

Technology is endless and dynamic. With companies wanting to dominate the industry and have leverage over competitors when it comes to state-of-the-art product offers, consumers are definitely the ones to enjoy. And with different smart devices sprouting like mushrooms, the challenge is up to the distributors and manufacturers to make a cut in the industry.

Chamberlain, known for its line of garage door openers, is up for the challenge. By thinking out of the box, they came up with a product to beat: Notifi. This is  the first smartphone-connected video door chime to be ever introduced in the market.


  • LED light build with a video camera
  • Door bell
  • Small wireless bridge for connectivity
  • No batteries or hard-wire connection needed except for the doorbell
  • Real-time viewing capability
  • Easy Installation


What makes this product a cut above its competitors is its LED light built-in feature. It gets its power from the light socket unlike its competitors, Ring, Dropcam and Skybell, which runs on batteries. These other brands also don’t have the LED light.

The power that comes from the light socket also makes it possible for the 720p video camera to function. And with the use of an iOS or Android app, it is real-time viewing capable. The camera that comes with the bundle not only has one use. Apart from its main function of capturing images, it can also detect motion, ensuring more security.

Good news to consumers, Chamberlain is already planning to enhance consumer experience. In the near future, they will be adding a fee-based cloud storage service for watching recorded videos.


With the multi-features and functions of this smart device, it will not be available at a very low price. Also, if there already is an existing door bell at home, where else can the home owner use it? Perhaps, these two concerns are just about it.

The Verdict

Simply put, if you are shopping for a doorbell, security camera and lock for your home, why buy them separately if you can pay for a bundle? That said, Notifi is a good investment, no doubt.


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