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Nursing is not an easy job. Hence, Nurses need all the tools that could help them with their work. Fortunately, with today’s technology, there are numerous apps for everything and this includes nursing apps. These apps aid nurses to job their memory, pay their loans on time, plan their schedules, study for examinations and many more.

In this article, we have gathered into a list the best nursing apps that will provide our readers the following features:

  1. Calculating dosages
  2. Scheduling features
  3. Medical references
  4. Nursing school studies and reviews apps
  5. Managing life outside work apps

Here are the best medical reference apps for Nurses:

1. Diseases Dictionary

Diseases Dictionary is free app that provides you all the resources you need for any condition or illness you would need to check. It comes with detailed list and descriptions of the illnesses such as clinical signs and treatments. All you have to do is to encode your patient’s symptom and the app will provide you a list of possible diagnoses.

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2. Epocrates Medical References

This app has been considered as one of the best medical reference apps by nurses. It provides an expanding collection about prescribed drugs, dosages, safety information, harmful effects when combined with other drugs and many more. Aside from that, this app also shows clinical practice guidelines, regional healthcare insurance formularies, pill identification, clinical tables which you could use as a reference. Also, this app will definitely assist you in calculating medical equations.

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3. Medscape

Medscape is similar to Epocrate app with its drug reference tool. This app provides research medications, prescribed drug information, interaction effects of drugs, condition and diseases

references, healthcare insurance formularies, medical calculator, pill identification, step by step procedures and many more.

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4. MDCalc

MDCalc is one of best apps that is recommended by the nurses themselves. It serves as a calculator tool that comes with medical formulas and calculations. It could also be used offline and could be used anytime. This medical calculator is highly recommended for those who need to calculate pediatric dosages.

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5. CDC Vaccine Schedules

CDC Vaccine Schedules app is very helpful and is highly recommended for those who needs to give vaccine shots. It reminds its users the schedules that they would need to adhere when giving vaccine shots. This app is perfect for keep track of immunizations.

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6. MyDuty

MyDuty is an amazing platform and tool that will aid you in keeping track and managing your work schedule. It also allows you to create groups which will help your team not only with your schedule but also with communicating with each other.

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7. NCSBN Learning Extension’s Medication Flashcards

This app is for students who are preparing for NCLEX. It comes with flashcards which you could use for your review. It would also help you quiz yourself with medical information you would need to know and remember. Through this app, you will get learn and get you information about medical description, drug information, drug category and many more. In addition to that, you will also be able to customize your learning and lets you add your own schedule or set a timer or NCLEX countdown.

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8. Eponyms

Eponyms is created for students. It provides about 1800 common and difficult medical eponyms. It also lets its users do full text researches and it provides about 26 categories which you would definitely find very useful for reviewing.


9. Resuscitation!

Resuscitation! is one of the best app options that will help and aid you with learning. It helps you learn and do things by letting you practice your skills and putting your knowledge into action. The app serves as a virtual simulator and will provide you with cases and scenarios that you might encounter at work.

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10. Happify

Happify is another app that will help you focus on improving your mental health. It helps you avoid getting burnt out and being stressed. This app comes with short activities and games that will surely reduce your anxiety and will exhibit your positive traits.

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11. Headspace: Meditation

One of the best ways to reduce your stress is through meditation and this app is the perfect tool and platform for that. This app could act as your personal meditation coach and it provides different length sessions that will surely help you release your anxiety, frustrations and stress.

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12. Mealime

Mealime is an app that will help you plan your meals and will help you create your own recipes with a list of groceries. This means, this app will help you prepare your meal with healthy ingredients and help you customize your meal into something healthier.

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13. Mint: Budget, Bills, Finance

This app has been in the industry for a long time. It helps its users monitor their daily activities through monitoring their finances through their bank accounts, bills, credit cards, investments and many more. This app will help you track your due dates which will definitely help you avoid late fees.

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