Oculus unveils first consumer Rift VR headset with Xbox One wireless controller

Oculus today revealed company’s first consumer Rift Virtual Reality headset that will go on sale next year. Oculus also partnered with Microsoft’s Xbox One platform and said that the consumer Rift headset will come bundled with an Xbox One wireless controller at the time of its launch.

Oculus, the virtual reality company bought by Facebook for $2 billion last year, announced its plans about the consumer Rift Virtual Reality headset including the partnership deal with Microsoft that will see both the Oculus platform and Xbox One gaming console work together next year at its launch.

The final retail version of Oculus Rift VR headset showcased at the event will come with an Xbox One wireless controller as a part of the Microsoft deal and a standing camera that will be used to record movements and whether the headset user is standing or sitting or moving around the room. Oculus also said that it is working on its own controller called Oculus Touch but it is still in design stages as the company is focusing on bringing more real-time hand-motions to its VR headset to help people interact more with the environment.

One interest prospect about the Oculus Rift VR headset is that consumers will not have to wait longer for new games to come out. As the partnership with Microsoft will help bringing every Xbox One game to the Rift platform through streaming technology that is going to be introduced in Windows 10.

There are no details given about the pricing of the consumer version of Oculus Rift VR headset. However, Oculus CEO gave a vague hint at the cost of the Rift headset to be around $1500 with PC during a Code Conference 2 weeks ago.

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