Offline support now rolling out to YouTube

It’s been a while that we heard about YouTube prepping up to provide offline viewing to smartphone and the rumors have started again but there are a lot of catches to it. Offline viewing feature can offer benefits to those users who have limited bandwidth and use their Wi-Fi connection for downloading.

Back in November 2013 it was said that Google was bringing this features on both the iOS and Android version of YouTube but we didn’t heard anything regarding it after that. With the launch of Android One it was also announced that Indian users would be able to use offline viewing feature on YouTube with their Android One smartphones. Now reports have started appearing about people being able to use offline viewing feature on their smartphones but the availability of this features is said to be only available in India and Philippines as of now.

Some reports are also clamming that offline viewing feature is not going to be an update for both Android and iOS but rather it depends on the region you are living in which is as of now India and Philippines. People who can use this features will see an icon in the info section where they can download the selected video.

User can also choose the quality of the video they want to download, but there is a catch to it as well as videos that are downloaded will only stay for 48 hours in a section inside the app, after which the downloaded videos are going to be automatically deleted.

There is still no official announcement about this new feature nor it looks like that the company has plans to launch this feature globally, though it’s a useful feature for everyone maybe YouTube will bring it to every region in time.

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