OnePlus and JBL announced partnership for its new earphones

Recently, OnePlus launched their new affordable earphones named Silver Bullet that were paired as an accessory with their 2013 flagship smartphone the OnePlus One. Looks like the company is not going to stop there because as a surprise OnePlus one has announced yet announced type of earphones but this time they are partnering with JBL to make one.

The new earphones are called JBL E1+ and judging from the design of the earphones they look quiet premium and will retail at a price of $40. The earphones will be red in color which also matches the color theme of the company of red and black where red is the color of the earphones and black is the color of the earbuds and the controls on the earphones. Overall all because of the color scheme on the JBL E1+ the earphones looks stylish and would look good just like any other expensive earphones out there.

Like any other earphones JBL E1+ also comes with a flat design and a tangle free cable with controls that would allow users to play music, take calls as well as take pictures. The new JBL E1+ earphones will be available on sale in October but as of now they are under ‘’coming soon’’ on the company’s website.

JBL has a good reputation when it comes to audio and we are sure the new JBL E1+ are going to deliver good sound with JBL’s PureBass technology. The earphones are way cheaper than what other companies provide, but that does not mean the earphones should lack quality and sound as OnePlus was able to produce a smartphone with great specs in an affordable price and same goes for all their other products.

Would you be interested in getting one of these two earphones and if yes, which one would you go for?

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