Outemu Switches: Are They Good?

Everything we work with involves technology such as computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones and many more. Hence, for you to be able to work independent and be able to solve technological issues, you will have to equip yourselves with technological knowledge and skills. One of the things that you will have to learn especially when you spend a lot of time on your computer is your computer’s components like your mechanical keyboard. By doing so, you will be able to transform and make your switches top-notch. 

Outemu switches are considered by many as a budget gaming mechanical keyboards. They are actually great and good alternative to Cherry MX switches. However, keep in mind, since Outemu are more affordable than Cherry MX switches, Outemu switches would not last longer compared to Cherry switches. Though that is the case, as mentioned, they are sold with good price. 

What are Outemu Switches?

To be able to understand what Outemu switches, we will have to provide you background on Cherry MX and the original switch patent. The reason behind this is because Outemu switches are actually part of a line of Cherry clone switches and they are manufactured in China.

Cherry on the other hand, is based in German and it has a patent for mechanical keyboard switches. However, once the patent has expired, a lot of mechanical keyboard switches series and lines from companies such as Outemu, Gateron and Kailh. They are considered as clone switches. 

Clone switches are another level of competition as budget keyboard manufacturers usually now install clone switches on their keyboards as they are cheaper to manufacture. 

Outemu are budget-friendly clone switches. They come in four types/color in their lineup – Outemu Blue, Red, Brown and Black. 

Are Outemu Switches Good?

Outemu switches as mentioned earlier are budget keyboards and are affordable switches in the industry. They are great and feel nice even they are on a budget price. 

The only downside is that sometimes they are shaky. The reason behind this is because the parts are not made as the same quality as Cherry MX switches. 

They also are not as durable as Cherry MX switches and they are not rated for 100 million keystrokes as well. 

Though that is the case, Outemu switches are impressive and excellent switch for price. Though they do not feel as good as Cherry MX or Gateron switches, they are the best among the other clone switches. 

If you are looking for budget mechanical keyboard, then, we highly recommend Outemu switches. In fact, we suggest the Outemu Blue clicky switch as an alternative for Cherry MX. 

Favorite Keyboard with Outemu Switches: Redragon K552 Kumara

This Redragon K552 Kumara really stands out with their really good keyboard Outemu switches. They are really affordable and they offer amazing features including being able to customize RGB lighting, N-Key rollover and many more. 

The Outemu Switch Lineup

Here are the four different Outemu switches which are highly recommended and each and every switch is an excellent choice. 

Outemu Blue Switch

This is a good switch which is perfect for typing and is highly affordable. They are very popular and as mentioned they are not expensive at all. 

Switch Type and Characteristics

As mentioned earlier Outemu Blue Switch is known to be clicky They are heavier with 60 cN. The keyboard makes more noise when they are pressed or pushed which is perfect for one to notice if there are typos or accidental keystrokes. 

With the heaviness of the key, the activation point is lower compared to lighter keys. 

Environmental Impact

This keyboard is not for the office as you would not want your colleagues to be bothered by the loud sound that your keyboard would be making whenever you are typing. Yes, it would be more likely for them to be distracted by it. 

Hand Size

This one comes with decent spring resistance. This means, that those who have large hands would not have any problems using this switch. Smaller hands on the other hand would be better off to go with a switch that requires a less operation force. 

Typing and Gaming

As mentioned earlier, this one is better choice for typing. It is clicky and provides a good vibe whenever you type. Though this is the case, we do not suggest this one for gaming as you would need to tap keys fast and you will have to give more effort when using this switch.

Outemu Brown Switch

This one is perfect for a lot of areas such as typing and gaming. 

Switch Type and Characteristics

This one is described as a tactile switch which means it would work even when it is pressed lightly. This makes it suitable for typing and even could be used in gaming. 

This switch comes with an operating force of 55 cN which means you will have to push in the key to activate the switch. Though that is the case the activation point of this switch is about halfway down to its switch base. 

Environmental Impact

Though this switch is not as loud as the blue one when used, it could still be noisy when you press the keys hard. Hence, you will have to be aware of it. Hence, this one is better used in home than in the office. 

Hand Size

This one has a tactile bump which will help you prevent user-error such as accidental keystrokes whenever you are typing. 

This one is perfect for most people. However, for those who have light touch, this switch might find the bump big. 

Typing and Gaming

As mentioned earlier, this switch is perfect for typing as the force required for you to type is just low. This means, you will not have to pound on the keys much. This also means that it is perfect for gaming as well. 

Outemu Red

This one is perfect for those who have light touch and for those who types fast. Yes, it comes with light and easy to press keys. For those who are on a budget, this one is perfect option. 

Switch Type and Characteristics

This switch is a linear type. Hence, it is easy to type fast on it. In fact, in terms of speed and accuracy, this one is on the same level as Cherry MX Red switch. 

This switch comes with an operating force of 50 cN. 

Environmental Impact

This one is perfect to be used in the office as it is quiet and easy to use. You do not have to press hard which makes it perfect for those who types fast and types through light touch. 

Hand Size

As mentioned above, this one is great for those who types lightly and those who has small hands. 

Typing and Gaming

This one is not so great for typing as it is linear which makes it prone to making more mistakes. Though that is the case, it is perfect choice for gamers. 

Outemu Black 

This one is for those who needs heavier linear switch. 

Switch Type and Characteristics

This one is very similar to the Red switch. It does not exude loud noise when used which makes it perfect to be used in any type of environment. It comes with an operating force of 65 cN which means, you will have to press down harder for you to be able to type. 

Noise Level

This one is highly recommended for those who are in the office. It is a linear type which makes it quiet when you are using it. Mistakes could occur more when using this one. 

Hand Size

This one is suitable for those who have heavy handed type of style. Hence, this one is better for those who have larger hands. 

Typing and Gaming

This one is great for gaming and typing only if you have a heavy keystroke. 


Though Outemu switches are considered as a Cherry MX clone, they are highly recommended and excellent choice especially if you are on a budget or saving money. 

Though they are not as good as Cherry MX switches, when it comes to balancing price, performance and durability, Outemu is a perfect option and great alternative.  

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