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Robin Williams to live on in World of Warcraft

We really didn't want to have to jump on the Robin Williams train but we felt this story was too nice to pass up.  The world is in shock, mourning the loss of Robin Williams, a man universally beloved by all.  A man that is sure to put a smile on anyone's face and is sure to stir up a bout of ...

Cheap Flexible OLED Displays Coming Soon

A new startup company by the name of Kateeva is making some major claims that may change the landscape of the screen technology.  Kateeva is an America company, based in Menlo Park, CA; and they are claiming that they will be able to produce cheaper flexible OLED screens as early as next year. ...

Galaxy Note 4 Leaked images

We recently ran a story about a potential Galaxy Note 4 reveal coming in September.  Well, it seems as though that rumor has gained some credibility as a new set of pictures recently leaked online seems to show the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 4 from various angles. The pictures that leaked online ...