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Myths About PCB Layout That You Might Have Heard

Many people believe that they know everything about PCB design and layout, but the truth is that there are many myths that are associated with this. Have you heard that the layout for prototyping and production are similar? What about the idea that components can be placed anywhere on the board?

In this article, we are going to tell you some of the myths about PCB layout that you might have heard. Find out more about this below if you are interested.

The Schematic Is The Hardest Part

Have you heard that once the schematic is complete, everything else is easy? Many people believe that this is the case when it comes to PCB design, but this is not true at all. Yes, the schematic is a very tricky part but there are many more stages that require skill and patience. Take the design part for example, it needs to match the schematic, and this is not always easy.

It Is Better To Use Pen And Paper

Another common myth about PCB design is that you can easily draw the schematic and the design with a pen and paper. While it is possible to do this, it is not always the best option. A PCB design online is often much more effective and accurate. PCB design online software comes with the best tools out there right now to improve your design. Make sure to try out PCB design software to see how much better it can be.

Grouping Parts Together Is A Good Use Of Space

When people are working on PCB layouts, they often think that grouping similar parts together is a good use of space. While it is understandable why they might think this, it is not the best way to create a PCB. When you cramp your components in together, you are making it harder for yourself. Try to leave enough space and you’ll thank yourself later.

Standard DRC Settings Work For All Designs

Finally, you might have heard that the standard DRC settings are applicable for all designs in PCB layout. This is not the case and all and it is important to know what is required of you by your manufacturer. Make sure to choose the right manufacturer for you and ensure that you are ready to work with them during the entire process to ensure success and get the right DRC settings.

Final Verdict

It can be easy to fall for the myths about PCB layout when you are just starting out in this industry. Make sure to consider everything that we have discussed in this article to ensure that you get your layout right the first time. Download the best software to improve your layout and make sure that you don’t group your parts too closely together. This way, you’ll improve your layout and be happy with all of the PCBs that you create in the future.

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