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In the web-browser version of pCloud, you can also find download links for the desktop and mobile apps at the bottom left side of the screen. Once you click on the download link to get the desktop version known as pCloud Drive, you are directed to a page that offers a detailed overview of the features that the software offers. The installation process is very simple and you get clear instructions at every stage. After just a few minutes, you will be ready to discover the powerful functionality of pCloud Drive.

While the web-browser version offers a simplified way to access your files and folders, no matter where you are, pCloud Drive gives you greater control over your data. Files can be copied directly to this virtual drive and then you can still open, edit or save them using any software that is installed on your computer. Thanks to pCloud Drive, you can work on your files as you normally would if they were stored on your computer, but without taking any physical storage space. pCloud takes care of storage, while you can focus on your tasks.

Apart from its well designed, convenient interface, the software stands out for features like sync folder management and shared folder management, which make things easier when you need to sync or share a lot of data. Additionally, you can sync files with any other devices associated to your pCloud account. Data can be synchronized across all your devices and any changes made will be updated instantly. Even if you are not connected to internet, you can make changes to your data without worries because once you are back online, all the updates will be automatically synchronized. All the changes made in your folders are automatically backed up to the cloud.

When you use pCloud Drive, you also have the possibility to set up your upload and download speeds. Additionally, you can establish limits on how much space pCloud’s software uses on your computer.

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