The Best Period Tracker Apps for iPhone

Nothing could get more uncomfortable than being caught by unexpected menstrual period. To understand one’s cycle easier, one must keep track of when their period is due and record notes of various PMS symptoms. To do this easier, all you have to do is try these easy to use apps:

1. Cycles Period and PMS Tracker

This app does not only track your period but it is also perfect for your partner as well. Through this app, you and your partner will be able to see your cycle information and you could also even put some private reminders and notes like your fertile days which allows you to plan your sexy time with your partner.

2. Period Diary

Period Diary comes with 30 PMS symptoms and 20 moods which you could choose from. It lets you track of how you are feeling at each of your cycle. It also syncs your calendar and has a password which protects your cycle information from prying eyes of others.

3. Eve Period Tracker

Eve Period Tracker is an app that you will definitely appreciate. It comes with sex quizzes and daily cyclescope which could predict your symptoms and helps you through some advices. This app could also identify your trend and pattern of your body.

4. Flo Period and Ovulation Tracker

Flo Period and Ovulation Tracker could track your symptoms, mood and would even remind you when to purchase your tampons. Aside from that, it also comes with insights about menstrual cycles.

5. Period Tracker Lite

This app comes with easy to navigate interface. All you have to do is press its button when your menstrual period starts and it will do the rest. Through this app, you will also be able to take note of your symptoms and it will provide you data about your period patterns.

6. Fitbit

Fitbit comes with surveys. According to the app, 80% of its users do not have the knowledge of how many phases are in the menstrual cycle and 70 percent cannot identify its average length. Through this pp, you will be able to track your health on even on your Versa or Ionic smartwatches. You will also be able to predict the start of your next period and when you will ovulate. It also has important information like flow intensity, PMS symptoms, types of discharge and protected sex.

7. Clue Period and Health Tracker

Clue Period and Health Tracker is an app that has been named as top free period tracker by Obstetrics and Gynecology journal. It comes with a very sophisticated design and has the ability to keep tabs on your period such as start and stop dates and even PMS symptoms. It also checks the flow heaviness, sex life, mood and even products you use for your menstruation.


That concludes our list of best apps to track your menstrual cycle. We hope that through this article, we were able to help you monitor and make you understand and predict your cycle easier.

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