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Philips Hue BR30 Smart Lightbulb Review

Philips, the leader in innovation, is continuously digitalizing the evolution of lighting with its newest product to date: the BR30 Connected Downlight Lamp. Designed for modern homes with low ceiling and flood lights, this product can be bought individually or in a trio pack with a Hue bridge to make it capable of connecting to a phone app as well as controlling the bulbs to a user’s homeless wireless network. As a stand-alone bulb, it retails for $59 while a set of three costs $199.


  • Unique bulb design with a shrouded bottom
  • Stand-alone bulb and a three piece set options
  • Brightness bump of 630 lumens
  • Provides 80% energy savings as opposed to traditional incandescent bulbs
  • Programming options
  • Comparable with traditional 65-watt BR30 spotlights
  • Wireless connectivity via easy-to-set-up bridge
  • Offers expert light recipes to help with concentration and relaxation
  • Alarm and timer features
  • Tune, dim, and control lighting from iPhone and iPad


Among remarkable features of this newest in lighting technology is the convenience of controlling the hue in the palm of your hands. By simply taking advantage of wireless technology and an app, you can control your lights’ behaviour via a GPS-based physical location, an alarm or a timer. Moreover, the user can opt to purchase a single bulb or a trio pack with a bridge, depending on needs and preference. Its programming option is also convenient as it includes an expansive range of colours, from conventional light bulb hues to a myriad of choices of reds, greens and blues.

Moreover, installation is easy. And with regard to light settings, you can experiment with it and even create them based on your favourite photos. With its promise of great quality of bright light enhanced with tunable colours and white light, this product has an edge. Also, since these lamps are directional, they can be ideally used for recessed light fixtures in ceilings as well as walls.


Retailing at $59 as a stand-alone bulb, this might be a slightly higher price to pay as opposed to several brands with similar features. But for tech savvy and smart home enthusiasts, there is no too high a price for convenience and comfort.


In totality, the Philips Hue BR30 starter pack is a great value for your money. With high quality home lighting at 80% energy savings, this product is definitely a good investment.

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