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8 Photography Trends to Watch Out for in 2022

Photography is the practice of taking still images. It also includes post-processing pictures. Like painting, photography is also a form of art and self-expression

Photography techniques and styles have also evolved with time. Back then, there were limited options for photographers due to technological limitations and other factors. But with advanced modern technology, new photography techniques, and trends also came along.

There are many photography trends developed throughout the decades. They are techniques and styles that are used to make photos more unique. They are also used to give new life to still images. 

Photography trends change over time. They also come and go because of society’s changing tastes and preferences. Some also last longer and are more popular than others. To get a glimpse of what’s to come in photography, here are eight trends to watch out for in 2022.

  1. Drone Photography

Drone photography is also called aerial photography. It is done by using commercial drones. Drones had been widely used in videography and photography lately and will still remain popular in 2022. Drone photography can capture a birds-eye view of landscapes. They yield amazing results by giving us a wide view of things. 

  1. Raw Photography

Raw photography is unedited and unprocessed photography. In a world of digitalization, raw pictures are making a comeback. This is because photographers wanted to emphasize the natural beauty of nature and people.

Society now longs for realness and authenticity which only raw photography can give. You can do raw photography with any camera like phone cameras, mirrorless cameras, or DSLRs. However, capturing raw photography is not as easy as it seems. You need to be skilled to bring out the natural beauty of your subject. 

  1. Vertical Photography

Vertical photography is a technique wherein the camera is put on a flat surface, usually the ground. This is mainly used to emphasize vertical and long landscapes. It is also used to highlight the height of the subject. This technique is used to capture arches, skyscrapers, buildings, and mountains. 

  1. Minimalistic Photography

Minimalistic photography has been trending over the past few years and will continue to be in trend by 2022. This is done by putting the subject on a plain white or black background with minimal elements and noise in the picture. Noise is defined as the differences in colors and brightness of objects. 

This trend is also used to give more focus on the subject. Minimalistic photography is widely popular in advertisements and media. This technique is used by professionals to give emphasis to the product or service being sold.

  1. Night Photography

Night photography is increasingly becoming trendy because new cameras have night vision capabilities that can better capture subjects at night compared to older devices. Hence, many photographers and enthusiasts are experimenting and developing this trend.

  1. Macro Photography

Macro photography focuses on one particular element. It looks like zoomed photographs from the viewer’s perspective. The subject is extremely enlarged to capture its details. Macro photography is usually done with delicate subjects such as the eyes. It is also done to magnify subjects that are too small. 

  1. Candid Photography

Candid photography is unscripted photography taken to highlight emotions. Subjects are usually people who are unaware that a picture is being taken. Candid photos are getting back in trend because people crave realness and authenticity. More people want to see real emotions from pictures, especially during special occasions.

  1. Street Photography

Street photography is the art of capturing the everyday life of people on the streets. This involves capturing people in their daily commute or while working. 

This type of photography is still going to be trendy because most photographers want to document life in the new normal. This is also one way of documenting and appreciating the most mundane and busiest moments of life. 


Photography trends come and gone over the years. As cameras evolve, photographers also find new ways to make picture-taking unique and exciting. 

Techniques such as drone photography, raw photography, vertical photography, minimalistic photography, night photography, macro photography, candid photography, and street photography are still going to be in trend by 2022 because they offer a fresh way of presenting pictures. 

Society dictates what are the things that are trendy and what are not. Thus, trends don’t intend to limit creativity but rather encourage enthusiasts to explore more about photography and capture subjects in new ways. These techniques exist to make the art of photography even more exciting. 

Whether you’re a photographer or camera enthusiast, you are not required to follow a specific trend. You can still enjoy and apply your own technique while taking pictures. But then again, photography is an art—and as the artist, you have the free rein to adapt your own ideas and develop a personal style. 

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