PicSketch – Pencil Sketch & Drawing Photo Filter Effects for iPhone/iPad

Simply taking a photo and leaving it in its original way is no longer enough. There are options that allow you to have fun while making your photos truly stand out. Even if your drawing skills are not exactly impressive, you can create beautiful pencil sketches of any photo with the help of PicSketch. This app by Softease Tech allows you to apply pencil/charcoal sketches technique to photos from your camera roll or to images that you capture. PicSketch offers more than 25 styles and there are many effects that will transform your photos into unique artworks.

How Does it Work

This photo sketch app requires only a few taps to help you to create fantastic photo sketches. PicSketch is focused on turning the images captured with your camera into pencil sketches that look realistic. By applying the right set of filters and effects, you will be able to make your photos look like something hand drawn. You only need to follow a few steps to create a sketch out of your photo.

  1. Take a photo with your iPhone/iPad’s Camera or select one from Camera Roll
  2. Select the sketch effect and background
  3. You can save your sketch artwork to Camera Roll, share it on Facebook and Twitter or send it via email.


PicSketch offers a convenient set of features that will allow you to create beautiful sketches. Apart from a large selection of sketch effects, you can enjoy edit and customization functions that will allow you to modify contrast, adjust brightness, change the background of the sketch and much more. There are 22 exclusive pencil sketch styles, 5 classic sketch effects ( including Color sketch, Black & White sketch) and 18 styles of retro sketch backgrounds.

With PicSketch, you can do more than simply selecting and photo and applying filters. The app also comes with edit and customization options so that you can crop the photo before transforming it into a sketch. All the options that you need to create a special version of your favorite photos, are available within the app. Once you are happy with the outcome, you can save the photo or share it with family and friends via social media or email.


If you want to bring something different to your photo collection and are looking for a fast and effective way to create remarkable pencil sketches, PicSketch is a great option. Paying $1.99 for a pencil sketch app may seem unjustified, but the quality and great selection of effects available, make PicSketch worth considering. There are many filters and styles than will help you to feel like a talented artist with just a few taps.

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