Pixel phones from Google Store sold out

The Pixel phones are a hot topic in the smartphone world considering that the company whose name is branded on them, Google, is at the heart of these new devices. The Google phones are having their share of the spotlight right now, with money being spent on advertising, talks among diehard tech enthusiasts, and testing of the devices themselves to see just how well they stack up to the competition. This is the usual fanfare for smartphones after they’ve been announced, so Google is lapping up the limelight for now.

The Pixel phones are on sale at the Google Store, as always, though Google has entered into an exclusive agreement with Verizon, but it seems as though demand has outstripped supply. According to sources, the new Pixel phones from Google have sold out at the Google Store, with both the regular 5-inch model and the 5.5-inch Pixel XL having 4-5-week shipping dates (in other words, prepare to wait until mid-November, past Veterans’ Day, for these phones.

The last Pixel phone to leave the Google Store entirely due to high demand was the 32GB “Quite Black” model. The “Really Blue” Pixel phone only came in a 32GB model but was the very first to depart. This makes sense, seeing that the Really Blue Pixel phone was exclusive to the US (for US customers only) and would definitely be a hot buy due to the desire to have one’s phone stand out as a form of personal expression.

The Pixel phones feature 5-inch and 5.5-inch displays with HD (Pixel) and Quad HD (Pixel XL) resolutions, Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 821 SoC (a slightly updated 820 version), 4GB of RAM, 32/128GB of storage (the Really Blue comes in 32GB only while the Quite Black and Very Silver models come in both storage configurations), top-notch cameras (8MP front camera,    and a 3,450mAh battery that should last you through the day. Android Nougat and Daydream VR compatibility come pre-installed.

The Google Pixel (smaller screen) costs $649, while the larger Pixel XL costs at least $750 or more. The 128GB Pixel XL through Verizon will cost $876.


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