Best Places to Sell a Used iPhone

One of the best things about being an iPhone owner is not that you own a premium device. Often, best reason is that you get to upgrade your device to an even better one every now and then! But what you do with your old device when you want upgrade and you aren’t interested in trading it in for the new piece?

Before we list out several sites that offer to buy used iPhones, there are a couple of things that you need to do in preparation of selling your iPhone.

The first and most important thing is to backup all of your data to iTunes using your computer. There are several articles on the Internet that can show you how to do this, so we won’t get into that. Suffice it to say that if you don’t backup your data and wipe your device memory before selling your iPhone, you are exposing yourself to all sorts of data privacy and security risks.

The second thing you need to do is to make sure that you sign out of all your accounts, including your Apple ID, iCloud account, Google accounts and anything else that you may have signed into on this particular iPhone.

These first two steps are essential even if you are simply handing over your old iPhone to a family member or friend. Remember that your data is personal to you and you alone.

Now that you’re ready to sell your device, where do you go online? Well, the obvious places are eBay, Craigslist and so on. But you are not here to read about ways that you already know of. Therefore, we have put together a near-comprehensive list of all the places that either buy your phone after evaluating its fair price, or allow you to list your phone so that buyers can review and purchase it.

Buyback World

Buyback World allows you to ship your device for free, and they will buy iPads, iPhones and a whole bunch of other electronic products. Simply ship your iPhone to them, and wait until they give you a fair price. If you’re happy with the price, then you can go ahead and confirm the sale.


Gazelle is another great site where you can sell pre-used electronic products like your iPhone. They make some pretty good offers, and you can choose to get paid either by check, via PayPal or even choose to be paid in Amazon gift cards.


This one is a little different, because you only get paid about three days after the product reaches the buyer. However, a lot of users have recommended this site because of their positive experiences, so we are listing it here.

Buyback Boss

Buyback Boss is especially good if your iPhone is not in too great a shape. As a matter of fact, they sometimes even buy broken devices as long as some of the key components are intact.


This site is fantastic for iPhones because it focuses heavily on Apple products. Anything from Apple smart watches to iMacs can be sold on this website.


As the name suggests, Swappa is a great place to buy and sell iPhones and other similar gadgets. The site is fairly popular, so you’ll find a lot of buyer interest for iPhones that are in really good shape. You could end up getting a really good price for your old iPhone.


This is not a fully comprehensive list by any means. There are dozens and dozens of other websites that will either offer to buy your device or list it on their site for other buyers to review and purchase. Some of these include,, and many, many more such websites. It will be up to you to review some of these websites and see which platform you are most comfortable with. Once again, make sure that you backup all of your information, and completely wipe your device and logout of all accounts that you were signed into on that device.


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