How to Play Pokemon Go from Home

Pokemon is a hit anime series that has gone globally with its smartphone game, Pokemon Go. It in fact has become very sensational and very popular among gamers and non-gamers that it has even surpassed some apps and websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram. According to reports and studies, gamers usually spend an average of 33 minutes every day on this game. However, to play this game you will need to roam around and unfortunately, you won’t be able to play it from home. Moreover, there has been reports that the said game has been experiencing technical difficulties with its servers lately but these situations did not deter players to stop from playing this popular, sensational game.

Pokemon Go is a location-based game that tracks its player’s movements whenever s/he progresses on the map provided. In addition to that, this game works by being synced with its user’s phone’s GPS which means, to catch a Pokemon, you will need to go outside and visit new locations.

The concept of the game is very similar to its anime version wherein it lets the player go out and explore places where a Pokemon could possibly be found. The player has to walk around and the game levels could get more difficult as you move forward with the game. Though outside physical activity of this game is fun, there comes a point when you would want to stay still and catch Pokemons while you lay down on your bed. Fortunately, this is possible with your Pokemon Go account. As your location is tracked from your phone’s GPS, you will need to do some tricks so that your GPS will say that you are in a different location.

To do this, you will need to go and download an app called Fake GPS Location Spoofer FreeFake GPS Location Spoofer. This app is one of the highest rated GPS location spoofing apps. Through the said app, you will be able to fake your location. All you have to do is to go to Google Play and install the app.

How to Use Fake GPS Location Spoofer to Play Pokemon Go from Home

  1. Install Fake GPS Location Spoofer,
  2. Go to Settings
  3. Select Developer Options
  4. Select Allow Mock Locations and tap it to turn it on
  5. Select Location Spoofer and tap allow mock locations
  6. Open Fake GPS Location Spoofer. Once you see a map, ensure that your GPS location on your smartphone has been turned on.
  7. Select a location other than your current location on the map by double tapping.
  8. Click the yellow Play button seen on the lower right corner.
  9. Once done, you could now open your Pokemon Go App and start playing it.

…and that’s it, you could now start playing your Pokemon Go without having to go out and be comfortable in your home while playing it. Furthermore, you will now be able to find more Pokemons at the location you have entered and, you could also collect more as this app allows you to be in two places at the same time.

Though this trick comes in handy, we still recommend and encourage you to enjoy this game naturally by going out and play with other Pokemon players.

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