Playstation 4 Wins Black Friday, Says Study

Retail data analysis company InfoScount says that their data shows that Playstation took home the win over Xbox on Black Friday. As the average gamer is now in their mid-30’s they are well capable of purchasing their own entertainment equipment. As such games and gaming equipment are an incredibly valuable part of most retail stores Black Friday business. Based on the data received it seems that Playstation picked some serious market share over the weekend, almost entirely taken from their direct competitors at Microsoft.

Playstation data


The data covers purchases made beginning at 6PM on Thanksgiving and running through Friday. The baseline data was gathered during a normal business day in October. For the purposes of the distinction, Millenials covers people between the ages of 18 and 35 while Middle Aged covers those between 36 and 55. First of all, I’d like to thank the people at InfoScout for being the first people to ever call me middle aged.

The noticeable difference between Millenial and Middle Age buying habits is chalked up to Millenials being less brand loyal overall than older shoppers. They’re more likely to simply go after the best deal rather than purchase one product over and another based on brand.

Both consoles saw strong discounts on Black Friday saw exactly why Sony get the win is still not entirely clear. Based on the data it appear the Playstation 4 deals were just that much better than that of the Xbox One.

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