Pokemon Go: Quick Guide on Healing Your Pokemon

Are you new to the game Pokemon Go and would like to know how to maintain a healthy Pokemon Go team? You came the right place. In this article, we will provide you a guide on how to heal your Pokemon. By keeping your Pokemon team healthy, you would be able to achieve successful goals in this game.

There are different ways to heal your Pokemon team in Pokemon Go. Keep in mind that each and every method of healing comes with their own benefits and limitations. There may be some that are effective in certain situations and some are not. The best way to ensure for you to have an optimal healing is to understand these methods.

How to Heal Your Pokemon

Healing at PokeStops and Gyms

The easiest way for you to heal your team of Pokemon is by going to PokeStops and Gyms where you would be able to have free healing services. This means, you could restore your injured or fainted Pokemon quickly.

For you to heal you Pokemon at a PokeStop, you would need to follow the steps below:

  • Spin the photo disc
  • Collect the items which would appear
  • You would receive potions
  • Use the potions to heal your injured Pokemon. Tap on the Pokemon which needs healing and select the Potion from your bag.
  • If you received Max potion, your Pokemon’s HP would also be restored.

Healing at the Gym

  • Tap on Gym
  • Select view
  • Select Treat Pokemon
  • Use potions or revives. This will heal your team.
  • Not all gyms could heal your Pokemon. Check ahead of time before using this method.

Maximizing Your Healing Efficiency

Though it is very easy and fast to heal your Pokemon in PokeStops and Gyms, to ensure that you maximize the effectiveness of healing, you must use the healing items wisely. To do this, you must heal your strongest Pokemon first as they would help you the most during battles. Aside from that, you would use little amount of healing item to restore its HP. We highly recommend for you to use Super Potion instead of Max Potion.

Using Potions and Revives

The primary healing items in Pokemon Go are Potions and Revives. These items are very essential and important to keep your Pokemons on the go and healthy. These items for health could be accessed through PokeStops, Gyms and even completing tasks within the game.

There are three different types of potions and they are regular, super and hyper. Each and every type has their own different level of healing. Revives on the other hand are used to revive a Pokemon who has fainted. Once your Pokemon has been revive, you would need to use a potion to regain its health.

Using Potions Effectively

For your potions to be effective, it is important to learn the different types of potions and how they work. For example, regular potions could heal up to 20 HP while Super Potions could heal up to 50 HP and Hyper Potions could heal up to 200 HP.

For better results, we suggest for you to use regular potions for minor injuries, super potions for moderate injuries and hyper potions for serious injuries. Keep in mind that there is a cooldown period when you use potions. This means, you would need to wait for a certain period before you could use another potion on the same Pokemon.

Using Revives Effectively

Revives are used on Pokemons who have fainted. After revives have been applied to fainted Pokemons, you would need to heal them by using a potion. This way your Pokemon could have its full health again. Keep in mind that when your Pokemon faints, it would lose its maximum HP even after you have revived it.

Revives also have a cooldown period. You would need to wait certain period before you could use another Revive on the same Pokemon.

Utilizing Healing Berries

Healing berries are berries which could be used for healing injured and fainted Pokemon. They could be acquired by spinning PokeStops or by completing certain tasks. If you feed healing berries to your Pokemon, they would stay healthy and would be ready for any battle.

  • Select your Pokemon from your collection
  • Tap on the berry icon found at the bottom right corner of the screen
  • Tap on the berry and feed your Pokemon

Keep in mind that Healing Berries are not as effective ad Revives and Potions. This means, it is only recommended for you to use this when there is a small injury or damage. If your Pokemon has fainted, the berries would still be able to revive your Pokemon which is useful in emergency situations.


How long is the cooldown period for healing items?

This would depend on the item used. Potions could take about 10 seconds while revives could take about 15 minutes to cooldown.

What is the maximum number of healing items which could be used at once?

10 potions and 10 revives. Anything extra could be wasted when used.

How can I maximize healing efficiency

To maximize healing efficiency, ensure that you heal your Pokemon before they faint. This means, as soon as they get injured, heal them right away.

Can Healing Berries be used during battles?

Yes, healing berries could be used during battles.

How can I get more healing items?

You could visit PokeStops, spinning gyms, leveling up and completing research tasks.

Are there any limitations to using healing items?

Yes, there are limitations to using healing items. You cannot use them during battles or raids. This means you cannot heal Pokemon when you are defending your gym.

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