Pool Strike: 8 Ball Pool Game Billiard for Android and iOS

Pool is a great game and thanks to your smartphone, you don’t even need a real pool table to enjoy all the fun that it offers. You can use your skills while playing on your Android smartphone or your iPhone and if you want a pool game app that id different from the traditional options available, you can consider Pool Strike – 8 Ball Pool Game Billiard for Android and iOS. This game takes pool to another level and it offers social features that make it even more interesting. You can chat with your friends as you are play and since there is a great variety of rooms available, you can enjoy a versatile experience.

Pool Strike: 8 Ball Pool has a quick start-up and it features a realistic physics engine that allows you to feel as if you were actually playing pool with your friends in a bar. The game is highly enjoyable, easy to play and it offers fantastic graphics. You can choose from a variety of gaming modes ranging from beginner to professional. There are many rooms and cues options that can be upgraded as needed. You may think that in order to be able to play Pool Strike: 8 Ball Pool you would need to pay, but surprisingly, this entertaining game is available for free and it doesn’t feature annoying ads.

The fact that you can chat with your friends or other players, adds fun to the game as you can discuss moves. The 1-4 game offers a unique gameplay that gives you the possibility of winning 4 times more in one online game. There are also unique features in the Pool Strike like a first turn “Strike” bonus and other practical solutions. One of the best things about Pool Strike is that it delivers a realistic experience. As previously mentioned, it has a physics engine and an online chat that allow you to discuss the action and enjoy every move as if it was real.

The game can be played for free and there are no annoying banners ruining your experience. The world wide matching allows you to play with people from around the world and make new friends. You can log in to the game using your Facebook profile or Google. You can also play as a Guest. There are over 100 different cues that can be upgraded and the game offers a quick start-up. The unique 1 to 4 game experience and the fantastic first turn Strike bonus make the game more exciting. Pool Strike 8 Ball Pool is compatible with multiple devices. There are many chances to earn bonuses and to make it to the top.

Pool Strike Online 8 ball pool billiards with Chat

Pool Strike Online 8 ball pool billiard with chat was developed by Funiza and it is available for free on the Google Play Store. The game enjoys a high rating there and it is loved by players around the world. If you love playing pool and want to be able to enjoy this game anywhere you are, download Pool Strike: 8 Ball Pool Game Billiards with Chat now.

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