Best Portable DVD Players

Though it is the age of smartphones and tablets and these devices could also be used in watching movies, portable DVD players are still here to stay. They are still pretty huge in the electronics industry and moreover, most DVD collectors, travelers, home bodies still dig and are attached to the said device.
DVD players come in different types, models, uses and options. Narrowing down and choosing the best for your taste and need could be difficult. However, through this article, fret not, as we will help you choose and pick one that you will surely enjoy.

1. The Best Overall Portable DVD Player

DBPower 10.5-inch

This portable DVD player comes with a comfortable screen size of 10.5”. It includes numerous useful extra features that makes this device one of the best great buys. Through DBPower, one could enjoy a movie with great, clear picture and high quality sounds. Furthermore, this DVD player could be brought to road trips and you will not have to worry about charging it as well as this device is allowed to be charged inside your car. It is also shock resistant which is one of the most important features for those who travel a lot.

The DBPower 10.5 inch has about 3- hours of battery life. This is sufficient enough for you to watch one whole movie without having interruptions of the device shutting off due to low battery. In fact, this DVD player could accommodate two short movies with its battery life. Its screen could be adjusted and swivel up to 360 degrees.

DBPower is compatible with numerous disc formats and file formats. This means you will be able to listen to audio books, music or watch any movie you wish. It also comes with USB and SD card readers which could accommodate downloaded music and movies. Furthermore, you will very much enjoy this player as it is region free. Meaning, you will be able to watch any DVDs from any country without any restrictions.

2. The Best Value

Pyle 7-inch Portable DVD

Though cheaper than most portable DVD players, Pyle packs great features that will provide you great entertainment experience. This DVD player comes with Hi-Resolution LCD screen and is equipped with a remote control for easier use and convenience. It also has a set of headphones that is perfect for travelers.

Pyle 7-inch Portable DVD player has an anti-shock feature which will ensure you will not have interruptions in case you encounter bumps on the road. Moreover, it comes with USB and SD card readers that would accommodate your downloaded movies.

This DVD player, however, cannot be mounted in the car as it does not fit the headrests and it also has about 2 -hour batter life which is not that great for long travels.

3. Best Portable DVD Player for Cars

Naviskauto Dual Screen DVD Player Ultra-Thin TFT Screen Car Back Headrest Portable DVD Player

This 10-inch DVD player includes two screens which make long rides and travels enjoyable and less boring. Naviskauto would definitely keep your children entertained during long car rides. It could be placed on your car’s headrest for easy watching experience. Its battery life is up to five hours of use and could be charged in your car. Its screens are high definition. Meaning, it provides clear high quality picture for pleasant watching. It also has a memory function that will play your last pause or where was the last part of the movie you left off. For those who would not like to bring DVDs, downloads could also be played through this DVD player’s USB, SD and MMC readers.

4. Best Portable DVD Player for Travel

Sylvania SDVD7046

Sylvania is very portable with its 7-inch size. With its small design, this DVD player is a perfect buddy for any type of travel. In fact, you will not have to worry about it turning off in the middle of your movie as this DVD player has about 4 hours of battery life. It is easy to carry and has a unique design. It comes with a handle that is very convenient when you carry it.

5. Best Portable DVD Player for Kids

DBPOWER 9-inch Portable DVD Player

Need to keep your kids entertained? DBPOWER 9- inch portable DVD player is your best bet. It comes in different colors that your kids will surely enjoy. It allows about 3 hours of battery life and could accommodate about two movies.

Furthermore, the DBPOWER 9-inch portable DVD player’s screen could be adjusted, rotated and swiveled up to 360 degrees. It also gives you the option to lay it flat like a tablet. It is very convenient and easy to use with its remote. It is also shock resistant which makes it durable and not sensitive to be used by children.

6. Best Large Screen Portable DVD Player

NAVISKAUTO 12.5 inch HD portable DVD player

The best large screen portable DVD player, NAVISKAUTO packs a 12- inch high definition screen that will surely give a thrill to all movie lovers. It is huge enough for two people to view its screen. It has long battery life of 5 hours that will not give you any worries of your movie getting cut-off in the middle of playing. Moreover, if your movie gets cut-off, this DVD player has a memory recall which would allow you to pick up on which scene you left off. Lastly, this DVD player is region free which means you could enjoy watching any movies even those from other countries.

Unfortunately, this DVD player cannot be mounted on your car’s headrest and it is not compatible with Blu-Ray discs.

Things to Consider Before Purchasing Portable DVD Players

  1. Size – this is one of the most important things you will need to consider when purchasing your own portable DVD player. You will need to know the purpose and how will you use your DVD player. Will you be bringing it a lot during your travels or do you need it to keep your children entertained? Or will you be bringing it to camps or for a long airplane ride? Once you know where you will be bringing your DVD player, then it would be easier to identify what size would suit you best.
  2. Compatibility – this is another factor you will need to look into. There are some DVD players that are not compatible with Blu-Ray Discs or does not allow any downloadable movies. There are also some DVD player models that are region- restricted. Thus, your DVD movies will be restricted.
  3. Battery Power – There are some DVD players that are easy to charge. All you have to do is plug it on your wall sockets and you are good to go. If you wish fast charging DVD players, fret not as most of DVD players operate on rechargeable lithium batteries and could be interchanged with an electric outlet charging.
  4. Car Use Capability – If you wish to entertain your children during a long car trip, it is best you check if your DVD could be mounted on your car’s headrests. Take in mind that there are some models that are not capable to being mounted on your car’s headrests. Moreover, car rides could sometimes be bumpy. Thus, it is recommended to purchase a DVD player that is shock-proof, have playback feature and has a superior sound that does not require any headset on.
  5. Price Breakdown – DVD players usually range from $50 to $ 70. However, if you wish to purchase a DVD player with larger screen, you will have to shed a little bit more. Also, take in mind that DVD players that come with great features, will also come with price; but, if entertainment is important to you, this would be a very good investment specially to those who travels a lot.

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