Best Portable Ice Makers

If you are throwing a party, or just feel like making your drinks more refreshing on a hot Summer day, you need to have ice ready. The problem is that it is not always possible to go to the supermarket and you may not have time or an ice tray to make ice cubes at home. With a portable ice maker, you won’t have to worry if you forgot to buy ice and you will be able to get ice cubes on the go, in just a matter of minutes. In addition, you will be able to make more ice than you could with a standard freezer. It is a good investment that can save you money in the long term. If you go camping on a regular basis or you enjoy outdoor parties, a portable ice making machine is a must-have. Before you get a portable ice maker, it is important to keep in mind the features that you need to look for.

Consider your particular needs

Of course, it is important to think about your specific needs. For instance, you will need to consider how many people you plan to have in your party. If you usually hold events with a large group of people, you need to invest in a model that has a larger basket. On the other hand, if you are more into camping, you probably need a solution that is easy to carry and easy to use.

Quantity and speed

Ice makers are capable of producing different quantities of ice. Make sure to check how many pounds of ice a day it can make. Speed is another aspect that needs to be considered and that will determine the quality of an ice maker. The best machines can make 10 cubes of ice in only a few minutes, which makes them ideal for parties.


When choosing an ice maker, it is also important to think about your budget. It is possible to find cheap products, as well as high-end items. In this list of the best ice makers, you will find options that are suitable for different budgets.

Top 8 Portable Ice Makers

Think Gizmos TG22 Counter Top Ice Maker Machine

This Think Gizmos machine stands out thanks to its amazing speed. It is one of the fastest devices out there. In just about 6 minutes, it delivers a batch of ice to cool your favorite drinks. It is more expensive than other options, but it comes with a lot of features and it even allows you to select from 3 different ice cube sizes: small, medium and large. One of the first things to keep in mind when it comes to this machine, is that it is stylish and well-built. The TG22 combines stainless steel and ABS, it is appealing and it also offers superb performance. The ice bucket is capable of holding 2.2 pounds of ice, which is a lot and the machine can make about 26 pounds of ice per day. The machine is very easy to use.

hOmeLabs Portable Ice Maker Machine

This portable ice maker is affordable and effective, making it a solution that delivers great value for money. It is capable of producing a lot of ice very quickly and it is quieter than other models available. The machine is easy to use and it has a very appealing design. The hOmeLabs Portable Ice Maker Machine is designe dto create 9-piece batches in just about 10 minutes. The countertop can make about 26 pounds of ice in 24 hours and it can store 1.5 pounds of ice. It is quiet and thanks to its impressive refrigeration technology, it ensures that you can enjoy a fresh batch of ice in minutes. It also has an Auto Shut Off features that ensures that the machine shuts off once the container for the ice is full.

Della Portable Ice Maker 048-GM-48187

The Della 048-GM-48187 is one of the best portable ice makers available and it features a compact and stylish design. While the price is higher, the performance is fantastic. The machine is very easy to use and you can make a batch of ice by simply plugging the unit in. You just need to add some water and allow some time, you can get up to 26 pounds of ice in just one day. The Della’s storage bin is insulated and it is capable of keeping up to 1.5 pounds of ice stored. Just keep in mind that you need to keep the ice maker plugged in to ensure that the ice lasts for longer. The see-through window allows you to monitor the operation of the machine and to see the level of ice.

Costway Portable Compact Electric Ice Maker Machine

This portable ice maker by Costway has earned high rates thanks to its great functionality and top performance. It is designed to work in a fast and easy way, plus, it is very affordable. The design is modern and thanks to its see-through window, you are able to keep an eye on the process of the machine and monitor the ice level. It is available in multiple colors and it will suit different environments. The Costway ice maker has a capacity of 1.5 pounds so it allows you to make a high amount of ice in advance. The machine is very fast and the light indicator will let you know if the water is running low and if you need to add more. It will also tell you if the ice bucket is full.

Igloo ICE102 Counter Top Ice Maker

This is another option that is worth considering thanks to its practical design and the fact that it is easy to carry anywhere you go. Although it can’t make a lot of ice, you can customize the size of the ice cubes. You can find a 2 pounds reservoir included that lets you store a lot of ice in advance so that you are ready to add it to your favorite beverages at any time. There is no installation required and you only need to add water and allow some time time to get a fresh batch of ice. The unit can make 26 pounds of ice in one day. The unit also has a great design and it is possible to bring it with you when you are on the go. It is available in multiple colors and you get the Igloo guarantee of quality.

Koldfront KIM202W Ultra Compact Portable Ice Maker

This ice maker is highly portable and it is ideal for camping, cabins, boats and RVs. Considering the price, the Koldfront KIM202W offers amazing features and it can be placed on pretty much any surface. It is compact and doesn’t take a lot of space, plus, you can choose the size of the ice cubes. The built-in storage bin is insulated and it can store up to 1.5 pounds of ice at a time. One advantage of the KIM202W is that it allows you to reuse water from melted ice and it can be added in a new cycle to produce more ice, which can save you time. The machine is very easy to use and you can choose between two sizes of ice cubes, small and large.

Yongtong Portable Ice Maker IM-12AR

If you want a good machine that won’t break the bank, take a look at the Yongtong Portable Ice Maker IM-12AR. It is an alternative that offers decent quality and it can make batches of ice cubes in only a few minutes. You can get up to 26 pounds of ice in only one day. It is extremely easy to use and you can choose if you want small or large ice cubes. The window allows you to see the progress of the ice maker and if the water in the tank is running low, the red indicator will alert you so that you can add more water. It is a convenient and highly portable solution.

Rosewill RHIM-15001 Compact Ice Maker Countertop

This is an advanced machine that offers top performance and it can do a great job at making a lot of ice in only a few minutes. While the price is high, the features and great performance make it worth considering. You can get a fresh batch of ice quickly and you can select between small and large ice cubes. The machine is easy to use and it features a large window that lets you monitor the progress of the machine. The machine has an elegant design and it is also small and compact, so you can place it anywhere at home, or bring it with you when you go camping or when you are having a party outdoors.

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