Best Portable Workbenches

Are you a DIY enthusiast or work in a construction industry? or does your work involve cutting, sawing, sanding, clamping, etc.? A portable workbench is a necessity tool for you. It is a tool that would make your work easier no matter if it is sanding, repairing things, sawing, vanishing, drilling, gluing and many more. For more information about workbenches, we have featured the best portable workbenches which you could check and review.

1. WORX Pegasus Multi-Function Portable Workbench

The WORX Pegasus Multi-Function Portable Workbench has a work area of 6 square feet and could carry a load up to 300 pounds. It is easy to set up and it has an effective clamping system and has locking legs which makes this workbench very sturdy. This workbench also offers a three-year warranty.

2. Keter Folding Compact Portable Workbench

Tool WorkbenchThough this workbench looks weird compared to other workbenches, its functions are reliable and dependable to be used for any type of household or construction tasks. It is 33.5 x 21.7 inches in size and could carry up to 1000 pounds. It is easy to setup and easy to pack up for storage as well.

The disadvantages of Keter workbench though, are its aesthetics as it looks plastic and it does not have any clamping system.

3. Black + Decker WM125 Workmate 125 Workbench

Made by a brand that has produced workbenches, you would not go wrong with their experience in producing high quality workbenches. The Workmate 125 Workbench comes in 17.8 pounds and could carry up to 350 pounds. It is very stable and could accommodate any material even those that are non-traditional shapes. This bench is best for any woodwork you are doing no matter what type of saw you are using.

4. Finether Folding Workbench

This model is considered as one of the best value workbench. It is very portable and easy to store. It also ensures that it could hold up to 330 pounds and could carry any odd shaped materials. The Finether comes with adjustable swivel clamps and is considered as a durable workbench.

5. Kreg KWS1000 Mobile Project Center

Aside from being good looking, this portable workbench comes with high quality heavy duty steel legs and effective clamping system. It could carry up to 350 pounds and its working area is larger compared to other workbenches.

KWS1000 is easy to set up and easy to take down as well. It also ensures that your workbench will not slip with its non-slip feet and it has a lower shelf which could carry your tools.

6. Black+Decker WM225-A Portable Project Center

This workbench is known for its versatility. It could hold odd shaped objects and could carry up to 450 pounds. Its legs are adjustable and it has a broad and stable stance. It is easy to fold for easy storage. This model is a very ideal gift for those who loves woodwork. The only disadvantage of this model is it look plastic and looks cheap.

7. Keter Folding Compact Adjustable Workbench 700 lb Capacity

Though this model is not pleasing to the eyes, its functions compensate for it. It is very easy to set up and has a carrying capacity of 700 lbs. It also has larger work surface compared to most workbenches and has a storage slot for your screws, nails and other tools. It is also adjustable and most importantly it is also affordable.

8. Black+Decker WM11000 Workmate Workbench 550 lb Capacity

This workbench is known to be one of the most study, stable and versatile workbenches. It could carry up to 550 lbs. and provides different clamping options. It has 4 adjustable swivel pegs that could grasp anything. This workbench is definitely a high quality heavy duty workbench.

9. X-Tra Hand 2-in-1 Portable Workbench/Platform, 500-Lb. Capacity

The 2-in-1 Portable workbench is a workbench and could turn into a work table. It has about 51 x 23.4 working area, its legs are sturdy and weighs about 53 pounds. It comes with a utility tray which you could put your tools. This workbench is also affordable and would not put a whole on your pockets.

10. Performance Tool W54025 Portable Multiple Workbench

Performance tool W54025 Portable Multiple Workbench is very lightweight with 8.5 pounds. Though it is lightweight, it is stable with its non-slip feet. It also comes with grids, scales and protractor on its work surface and has adjustable clamping system. It is easy to store and easy to setup as well.

Portable Workbenches Buying Guide

Before purchasing a workbench that would suit your needs, we suggest for you to check the following factors that you would need to consider:

  1. Size- when buying a workbench, one important factor you should consider is its size. What is the working surface area? Will it hold any type of items? Is it the right height for you? Is it too small or too tall for you to be able to work comfortable? These are just a few questions you would need to consider when checking the size of your ideal workbench.
  2. Weight- Another important factor you have to check is its weight. Is it portable enough for you to carry around and bring it with you anywhere you need it or is it too heavy for you to carry alone?
  3. Assembly Difficulty- time is of essence. If your workbench is hard to assemble, this would eat the time that you could spend in doing your work rather than trying to setup your workbench.
  4. Stability – Workbench is not only a place where you need to accomplish your work on; but, rather it is also somewhere you could store your tools. Thus, you would need something that is sturdy enough to carry all your tools and at the same time carry any type of work you would need to do.
  5. Sturdiness – since this is a tool you use to work, it goes without saying, your workbench should be study and durable.
  6. Accessories- Would you need something that is portable with LED lights or a workbench that has a Bluetooth speaker or an app that has useful functions?
  7. Foldability- One important factor is storage. Is your workbench easy to store? Is it light enough to be folded and stored anywhere?
  8. Bench Top- This is the same as your work surface. You will need to check the size of your work area if it is comfortable for you to work on a larger area or you are goo with a smaller sized work area?
  9. Clamping – a Clamping system is a function that holds or clamps your tools while you work. This is one important factor that would make your work more organized and easier.
  10. Versatility- A workbench that would and could allow you to do any type of work is something you should consider. Could your workbench work for plumbing, carpentry, DIYs and more.


A workbench is a very important tool for those who are into crafts, carpentry, construction, DIYs, housework and many more. It serves as a workshop, work area and a place where you could store your tools. Purchasing one is crucial as it affects ones’ function at work and through this article, we sincerely hope we are able to provide you sufficient information that could guide you in choosing the best portable workbench that would suit your needs.

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