Best PPSSPP Games

An emulator is a tool that could make a device behave or act like another computer system. It basically imitates another program or device. Thus, making this tool or software very famous among gamers as they would usually enhance their gaming experience by emulating their favorite games from their smart phones to their PCs or laptops and vice-versa.

One of the most popular and most used gaming emulators is PPSSPP. Through this emulator, you will be able to play your favorite PSP games anywhere through your mobile phone. Moreover, it is compatible with almost all operating systems such as iOS, Android and Windows.

The performance of this emulator depends on your hardware. Meaning, if you have a good and reliable smartphone, you will definitely enjoy playing and it will definitely also enhance your gaming experience. Plus, with PPSSPP emulator’s optimum settings, we could assure you it will be difficult to let go of your phone. With that said, we have gathered more games and made a list which you could choose from and play with PPSSPP emulator.

Top PPSSPP Games

1. God of War- Chans of Olympus

The God of War is the most famous and the most downloaded PSP game and through PPSSPP emulator, you could enjoy more playing this game. We could assure you that this game is more worth it when played with PPSSPP.

Like other God of War games, Chain of Olympus comes with a great storyline and interesting gameplay. The story of the game is about Persephone whose mission is to destroy Olympus. However, you, as the main character, Kratos, will need to stop her by killing everything that gets in your way and in the end, killing her too.

This game is not suitable for those who are below 18 years old.

2. Naruto Shippuden- Ultimate Ninja Impact

Naruto is a very famous anime cartoon that has been transformed into an amazing game on PSP. With a great storyline, you will definitely also enjoy this game on your mobile phone. The story of this game starts with a mission to summon all five Kage and inform and warn and inform them about all the threats that are coming their way.

As you play the role of Naruto, you will face numerous enemies including Akatsuki members- Pain and Sasori. Each battle of this game comes in different levels and stages. Moreover, you will definitely enjoy the 360 degree rotating camera view of this game as it enhances all the battle scenes that you will be in. This game has about 100 missions to complete and to finish.

3. God of War- Ghost of Sparta

This game has been launched right after Chains of Olympus and it comes with more and better graphics and gameplay. The story of this game starts when Kratos dreams about his brother who was taken away when they were still kids. He then seeks and is reunited with his brother. Together they fought Thanatos- god of death. Unfortunately, during one of their battles, his brother got killed and this angered Kratos and with it, he vowed to kill the god of death.

In this game, you will experience amazing graphics and an adventure full of action. Through the use of PPSSPP, you will enjoy playing this game and will experience no lags.

4. Tekken 6

The gaming industry will never be complete without this game, Tekken 6. With Tekken 6, you will experience great and amazing graphics and gameplay. It comes with updated characters and includes all the features of console version except for its campaign mode and blur settings.

Tekken 6 will never let you wait to play as it loads quickly specially when it comes to battles. This version comes with 10 rounds and could be completed within a few hours.

5. Kingdom Hearts- Birth by Sleep

Kingdom Hearts is an action, role-playing and adventure game that comes with three characters with three different storylines. To start playing this game, you will need to choose and select a character. Note, however that once the game starts, you will not be able to switch characters. This means, you will need to continue with your chosen character and with the story associated with the character until you complete the game itself before you could access and play with the other characters.

This game is similar to Final Fantasy but with the difference of having Disney characters. In addition to that, in this game, you will be able to explore different places and treasures. However, to get the treasures, you will encounter numerous enemies which you will have to eliminate.

6. Monster Hunter Freedom Unite

If you love eliminating and killing monsters and dinosaurs, then this game is perfect for you. You will surely love its concept of interactive play. In this game, you will play the role of a monster hunter and will have to travel to different places to hunt monsters. While you slay these monsters, you will be equipped with 99 weapons and will be allowed to switch from time to time.

This game comes with about 500 hours and 400 missions.

7. Dragon Ball Z- Another Road

This game is another anime based game. It is one of the most enjoyed games and is considered as a classic. What is more amazing with this game is it could be played even on low-end devices and all you have to do is use a PPSSPP emulator.

Dragon Ball Z comes with the most amazing fighting battles and it includes two versions- the story mode and its fight mode. To be a Super Sayian in this game, you will have to play the story version. The game also has a help center for first time players. Through this help center, you will be able to learn numerous, helpful, different skills.

8. God Eater Burst

God Eater Burst game is a role playing game and comes after its successor game, Gods Eater. This game comes with intense storyline which is difficult to explain in just a few lines. Through this game, you will play the role of the main character Ren, who is hired as a God Eater. His mission is to rescue Lindow- who is another character in this game.

This game has a lot of wow factors and allows its players to access and use different weapons that will assist them in accomplishing their mission and goal of saving Lindow.

9. Dissidia 012- Duodecim Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy is a game hard to beat. It is in fact, the most popular RPG of all time and this includes the Dissidia 012. The story of this game is about the fight between Cosmos – goddess of harmony and Chaos- god of discord. In this game you will meet numerous characters and you will be equipped with amazing fighting skills.

Playing this game is difficult at first but once you get used to it, completing this game is worth it.

10. Grand Theft Auto- Vice City Stories

You have heard and probably have played this game numerous times. However, this PSP version is worth playing. It is similar to GTA III and with that said, I am sure you will definitely make space for this game on your mobile.

This game comes in numerous different environments and through your travel to these different places, you will encounter tasks and missions you need to accomplish within a specific and restricted time. In this game you will be able to steal cars and kill people.

11. Assassin’s Creed- Bloodlines

The Assassin’s Creed is an amazing game and comes with an epic storyline. It is a strategic game and you will need to have a powerful smartphone to be able to play this game. If not, you might

encounter and experience some graphics glitches and audio problems. Though this game is a RPG, you will still be able to play this game on your Android phone easily with the use of PPSSPP.

12. WWE SmackDown vs RAW 2011

WWE has been an ultimate favorite wrestling show that most boys had and has been continuously enjoyed by many. This game comes with about 70 characters and matches. WWE SmackDown will certainly not bore you with its endless career mode. The career mode is where you get the chance to fight against other characters and players in different places and with the option to change skills. Like WWE, this game also includes a storyline for each and every match.

Overall, this game is a great, amazing game to play and is highly recommended to be played with PPSSPP emulator.

13. Dante’s Inferno

This game might come to you as something that is dense in terms of its graphics and design but is surely will bring you better realistic gaming experience. In this game, you will play Dante- the main character and who needs to save his love, Beatrice. To save her, he needs to go to hell and when came down, her found his demons. To fight of these demons, he is given two weapons.

In this game, you will experience amazing fight scenes. You will also be provided with customization options such as skills and abilities.

14. Metal Gear Solid- Peace Walker

This game is a famous first-person shooting game which is made more amazing with a PPSSPP emulator. It is a modern call of duty type of theme wherein you could team up with other players or guys. You could also collect weapons and perform upgrades from time to time.

Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker is a bit advanced stage wherein the game itself is tense and difficult. If you wish to play this game, you will need endurance, skill and technique.

15. Pro Evolution Soccer

This game no doubt is for sports lovers. Without this game, this list will be incomplete as you will be able to play this game even on low end and low tech smartphones. This game is for multiplayers, matches and leagues. Through Pro Evolution, you will be able to team up with different players and build your own soccer team.

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