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Print from iPhone/iPad to Any Printer

Often times we store everything we need on our phones. However, what will you do when you need to print something from your phone? Do not worry, as through this article we shall provide you a guide on how you could do this easier. First thing to check is if your printer supports AirPrint? If it is then you are good to go. However, if your printer does not have an AirPrint feature, you do not have to be disheartened as there are ways where you could convert your printer into an AirPrint ready. 

Through this article, we shall introduce to you third party tools which you could use for you to be able to print directly from your iPhone or iPad. 


Before we go in-depth and into details, we have to first know what are the requirements to ensure that this will work. First, you would need to have a printer. Install it. Do not worry, it does not matter if your printer is attached locally or if it is wireless/network printer. The important part is that it is installed on the machine. 

Second requirement is for you to be able to print from your Apple device is that you will need to keep your computer on at all times. Third party software will act as your proxy and will do print jobs. 

Last requirement is you will have to have a budget. Third party apps are not for free. Though this is the case, it is surely worth it. 

Now that we have that covered, let us start going into details.

Windows AirPrint 

For those who have Windows, one of our highly recommended programs is O’Print . This software would only cost you about $19.80. It offers free 30-day trial which allows you to check if it would work perfectly on your printer. The only downside of this program is that its interface is a little bit outdated. Though that is the case, do not worry as its functionality is working impressively. 

Download and install the software and you will see all the printers that are installed on your system. If you cannot view your printers on the list, all you have to do is go to System Preferences – Printer & Scanners. Add printer to OS X. Once your printer has been added, go back to O’Print and check if your printer has been added to the list. If you wish to change the name of your printer, just click Edit button found on the paper with pen icon. 

The next step is for you to go to print from iPhone or iPad, tap Select Printer. Look for O’Printers listed under Other Printers. You will then find the name of your computer under the printer name. 

Mac AirPrint

If you are a Mac user, we recommend HandyPrint and Printopia . HandyPrint would only require you to donate a minimum of $5 for it to activate its license and provide you access. It also offers a pro version which would require you to donate a minimum of $20. This would allow you to run the program even when you are not logged into your Mac device. Printopia on the hand charges $19.99.

For HandyPrint
  • Download HandyPrint
  • Run DMG file
  • Drag icon into Applications folder
  • Run the program. This will show you the list of printers that it has detected
  • Ensure that the toggle button is set to On.
  • On your iPhone or iPad, check and see if all HandyPrinter printers are listed on your Other Printers

For Printopia, the steps are practically the same. However, for more convenience, it has a Send to Mac printer feature. Upon testing, both programs work great and are very impressive. 

Printer Pro 

Another recommendation that we have is Printer Pro by Readdle . This program works as a combination for iPhone/iPad and desktop. It costs about $7 which you could find in App Store. As for its desktop app, you will be able to get this app for free. 

For this app to work, you will have to keep your desktop turned on at all times.  We found this app as one of the most professional app. It comes with numerous useful features and allows you to do serious printing. 

Lantronix xPrintServer

Lantronix is a device which works as a print server. It works really well but before purchasing this device, you have to ensure that your printer is compatible with it. Also the downside of it is it would cost you about $200. Though that is the case, it is really a great investment. 


Through this article, we hope you were able to learn how to print from your iPhone or iPad through the methods and third party software which we have provided above. So what are you waiting for? Get your favorite third party software and print away!

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