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How to Get Your Profile Verified on Instagram

The blue checkmark beside one’s name seen on one’s profile on Instagram means only one thing-your profile has been verified, you are a public figure and popular or a brand that uses Instagram as a marketing tool.

Verification blue check mark is placed by Instagram to ensure the public that the profile they are following is the real person or the real company brand. This blue check mark has been given only to few people only and has been very limited. Fortunately, Instagram has decided for normal people like you and me to have the opportunity to earn the said iconic blue check mark. This means, you won’t have to annoy Instagram non-stop for that blue check mark nor will you have to contact anyone to buy that check mark.

With this opportunity of giving everyone a chance to earn this blue check mark and for one to be able to get his or her profile verified, we are sure one important question will arise and that is how could we get our profiled verified? To find out more, read further into this guide.

Steps to Apply for Verification of Profile in Instagram

  1. Go to you profile.
  2. Look for three vertical lines found on the top right.
  3. Tap on Settings
  4. Go to the newly added feature- “Request Verification” option.
  5. In this last step, you will need to enter your name and attach an identification document that would prove who you are. By identification document, Instagram means you will need to submit a government issued photo ID that includes your name and date of birth.

Take note- passport, driver’s license or national ID are accepted. Instagram also allows official business documents such as tax filing documents, utility bills or articles of incorporation for company/brand users.

Though the process for applying for the iconic blue tick mark/ verification of profile looks very easy and simple, it does not guarantee that your application will get approved easily. In Instagram’s blog post, they say that they will review each and every request and check if your profile is authentic, real and it belongs to a public, notable figure, global brand or a celebrity.

Now that Instagram has made the process of verifying profiles public and transparent, no one is now stopping you to apply for that iconic blue mark. Yes, that blue tick mark which gives you the right to brag and become one of those famous Instagram-ers.

If you already applied for verification of your profile, you will know if you have been granted the approval for the blue check mark once you receive a notification. If not, however, you will need to wait for another 30 days to reapply/appeal for another verification.

Verification of Instagram profiles is readily available on iOS and if you are an Android user, fret not, as this feature is on its way to you.


Do you want to have that bragging right and show that blue iconic tick mark beside your name on your Instagram? Then, what are you waiting for? Go and follow the steps in this guide as mentioned above and get your profile verified.

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