PSafe Total DFNDR Antivirus, Anti-hacking & Cleaner Review

Previously known as PSafe Total Defender, DFNDR is a free security solution that aims to help users to defend themselves against security threats like hacking. The developers claim that the app blocks over 2 million cyber attacks per day. DFNDR stands out thanks to the great security features that it supports, as well as the high level of protection that it provides. There is also a feature designed to boost your mobile phone by removing unnecessary data. DFNDR has a high rating in Google Play and the fact that it is set to offer so many good features for free, has attracted the attention of millions of users around the world. Here we’ll find out if the app lives up to the hype and if it is truly an option that is worth considering.


DFNDR is a lightweight app that supports a variety of features that will protect your from viruses and hacking. It can also improve your device’s performance thanks to its cleaning capabilities. DFNDR was highly rated by the AV-TEST Institute and it offers a great range of features that will allow you to boost the security of your device, as well as its performance. Here is what DFNDR offers:

Security Scan

You can select this option to start running the antivirus tool and once you do this, DFNDR checks each file and app that is on your device. It can complete the scanning process in a fast way. In fact, the app can take just over a minute to scan over 150 files on a phone. Once the scanning is completed, you will see a list of issues that the app found and the app will also display a button to get the problem fixed. There is a check box with every issue detected so you can select the issues that you want to get fixed.


The DFNDR antivirus app offers a vault tool that can be used to hide photos in the phone gallery and apps from the home screen. It is possible to configure it to block apps and to lock the screen quickly to protect the privacy of your data.


Another way in which DFNDR offers security is through the anti-theft feature that prevents loss of data and keeps your information protected. The feature is easy to use, you just need to make sure that it is enabled. It even takes a photo of the person who has your phone.

Quick Cleanup

This is a tool that you can run if the storage memory of your device is full and you want to get rid of some files that are not needed. After tapping on the Quick Cleanup option, the app will start scanning storage memory in a detailed manner and the files that are not useful will be deleted. It is a fast and efficient way to remove junk files from your mobile phone.

Boost Memory

The DFNDR Antivirus, Anti-hacking & cleaner app by PSafe, also comes with a memory booster that can free up the system memory, or RAM, as needed. This can also have a positive impact on the performance of your mobile device.

Find and delete duplicate photos

If there are many duplicate photos on your Android device, you can easily find them and delete them using this practical feature.

Overcharge protection

The DFNDR app also includes a total charge feature to prevent overcharge. Once it is enabled, the app will stop the phone battery from overheating. It will show the estimated charging time and you will also see a notification to disconnect the charger when the battery is fully charged.

WiFi Checker and Internet Accelerator

There is also an internet speed checker tool that allows you to find out how fats your internet connection really is. If you are experiencing slow browsing speed, even when you are using fast broadband connection, you can use the Internet Speed Accelerator to solve the issue. It allows you to close apps that are using up bandwidth so that you can improve your connection’s speed.

Advanced security

This module protects you against hackers. However, in order to be able to use it, you need to grant DFNDR admin permission. The Advanced Protection prevents others from disabling DFNDR’s protection features.

In addition, DFNDR comes with a VPN that adds a strong layer of security for your internet connection. You can get up to 50MB of data per day free if charge.

Other convenient solutions are: a call blocker that prevents unwanted calls and a CPU Cooler, which lowers the temperature of your phone’s processor. There is also a DFNDR Assistant that gives you tips and notifications to help you to use all the antivirus and performance tools that the app offers.


DFNDR deserves the high rating that it has in Google Play, after all. It is a powerful solution that brings security to your phone and that allows you to improve its performance. While the app features ads, its practical functionality and the flexibility that it gives you, combined with the fact that it is available for free, makes it a good option for anyone who wants to protect their privacy and defend their phone fromviruses and cyber attacks.

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