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When PUBG expanded its reach to mobile users, they have never been bigger with more than 50 million downloads on Play Store. Though PUBG is fun to play with its Mobile version is not as easy as it looks. In the said game, you will meet many players and if you are just beginning to play PUBG Mobile, you do not need to worry as we are here to make it easier for you by giving you useful tips and tricks that you could use to help you score more.


Before we get into the tricks and tips for the game proper, it is important to discuss first, a couple of things you should do and double check in the Settings for better performance.

1. Select Third Person View or First Person View

In the settings, you will be able to have a choice of choosing whether third person view or first person view. Thus, before you start playing the game, tap on the game mode button which could be found below start and choose the mode of your choice.

2. Adjust Graphics Quality

This game allows you to adjust the graphics depending and according to your phone’s capabilities. Though this task is done automatically, but if you think and feel that your game is starting to lag, you could adjust the graphics lower or higher. Note that the higher the graphics quality setting the easier it is for you to spot your enemies.

3. Turn on Peek and Fire

In the settings cog, found on the top right, go to basic and click on Peek & Fire. This setting will allow you to peek from any behind cover and lets you shoot without having to expose yourself. This setting will still expose your head. Thus, you will still need to be cautious.

4. Use Gyroscope for Aiming Down Sights

The game also allows its players to use their phone’s gyroscope to be used for aiming down sights. Through this trick, you will be able to move your phone to aim at your enemies instead of touching and dragging. To enable this setting, all you have to do is to go to Settings menu and go to Basic.

5. Check if Aim Assist is On

For easier aim, check if your aim assist mode is turned on. Aim assist is usually required for those who have a touchscreen phone and uses a touchscreen to aim accurately like you are using a mouse to aim.

6. Enable the Left Side Fire Button

To enable the left side fire button, all you have to do is to go to Settings menu then go to Basic and click enable left side fire. This mode allows the players to shoot easily with the use of the left hand while your right hand is aiming.

7. Enable Auto-open Doors

Enable Auto open doors by going to settings and basic. This mode lets you get inside buildings quickly. However, note that you will still have to tap a button to close the door.

8. Adjust the Size and Position of Controls

To do this, go to the Settings menu, then to Controls then to Customize. Through this action, you will be able to position the controls according to your needs. You could put a certain button for a specific action.

9. Turn on Auto-adjust Graphics

To turn on auto-adjust graphics, go to settings menu then go to graphics and turn on the auto-adjust graphics. This will make sure that you will have a consistent frame rate while you play. In other words, once your mobile phone starts to heat up, your phone will automatically adjust its graphics quality.


One of the most important tasks when playing is choosing the perfect land spot that you are comfortable with as it will help you strategize with you playing stealthily or if you wish to just meet less players than the usual.

Best Landing Spots in Miramar

When playing Miramar, you will notice that this game comes with a lot of places where you could land and loot. Each place comes with degrees of risks and due to this, it is highly recommended to make sure you are ready for any gunfight.

1. Places where you will find most loot but has a very high risk:

  • Pecado – southwest of San Martin and it is between Power Grid and the graveyard.
  • Hacienda del Patron – is above San Martin which could be found in the middle of the map.

2. Places where you will find more loot but has high risk:

  • Prison- this could be found southwest of the map.
  • Campo Militar – could be found on the northeast corner of the map.

3. Place where you will find good loot and has low risk:

  • Minas Generales – southwest of San Martin

Best Landing Spots in Erangel:

1. Places where you will find most loot but is very high risk:

  • Prison – could be found on the east edge of the map.
  • Military base – could be found south part of the map.
  • Mansion – could be found just above the prison.
  • Mylta Power- could be found southeast of the prison.

2. Places with more loot and has a lower risk:

  • Severny – could be found north of the map
  • School- could be found at the middle of the map. Note, this place is considered as often dangerous.
  • Pochinki – could be found at the middle of the map.

3. Place with decent loot and has a very low risk:

  • Bunkers near Shelter


1. Play on the Edge

For those who have a 4x or 8x scope, it is highly suggested that you position yourself on the edge of the play zone where the blue circle is near to the white. By doing this, you will have a complete view of the play zone.

2. Shoot to Kill

No matter if you have spotted someone or they have spotted you, it is recommended that you only take the shot if you are 100 percent sure that a kill is guaranteed. If you shoot and miss, this will give away your position.

3. Do not Go in Gun Blazing

Play smart by not going on a killing spree especially when there are only two people left. Let them kill each other first then kill the last remaining player.


1. Turn off Background Music

PUBG comes with a Mission Impossible Fallout background music. Though some players love the new background music, some find it distracting. Hence, if you are not a fan of Mission Impossible, you could turn it off by going to the Settings menu then go to Audio and disable BGM.

2. Change Quick Chat Messages

Quick Chat Messages is a very useful tool for players but if you wish to change or customize it according to your team’s playing style, you may do so by going to the Settings Menu then go to Quick Chat. In Quick Chat, you will be able to delete messages and input alternative messages.

3. Use Headphones to Hear Enemy Footsteps

PUBG is one of the games that uses directional audio and through it, you will be able to make use of it to your advantage. To hear clearly of these footsteps, it is highly recommended to use a headphone.

4. Survive Inside the Red Zone

PUBG usually marks random regions as red zones and whenever you find yourself in it, it is highly suggested to get out of it as fast as you could or else you might get stuck during an airstrike and will kill you. Unfortunately, getting out is not that easy, hence, to survive, we recommend that you go inside a building.

5. Use the Map

No matter if you play PUBG, Erangle or Miramar, it is always best to use the map. This way, you will be able to know which places are red- zones and which are safe-zones. Using the map will definitely help you strategize in playing the game wisely.

6. Make the Red Zone a Strategic Friend

Being in the red zone is not always a bad thing. It in fact could be an advantage and when you found yourself in it, go inside the building whenever bombs are being dropped and do the following:

  • Make use of the noise to cover your footsteps and start gathering loots found inside the building
  • When you see other players running, this is a good opportunity for you to kill them as they will not hear your footsteps as well.

7. Mute Annoying Team-mates

Sometimes your teammates could be annoying specially whenever they get excited and scream into their mic. Fortunately, with the new version of PUBG mobile, you could now mute individual teammates by tapping the speaker icon.

8. Hide Inside Vehicles

If a vehicle is parked in the middle of the desert or something, this could serve as a good hiding place for you. Though you could still be seen, it is very unlikely for someone to check it out.

9. Look Around without Moving

Hide behind corners and look around without having to move by using the eye button. This trick could help you not to be spotted or seen and at the same time spot your enemies.

10. Heal

You could heal fast whenever you are in a hurry by moving when there is only .5 seconds left to heal. This trick comes in handy specially when enemies start to circle around you.

11. Use Energy Drinks and Painkillers

Energy drinks and painkillers could also come in handy whenever you need to heal or whenever you need a speed-boost. This trick takes a bit of time to heal you but it is definitely useful.

12. Do not Stay Still

Yes, just like in real life, if you stay still you will definitely become a sitting duck and most likely get killed. With numerous players and shooters in this game, it is wise to move around to avoid getting shot.


That concludes our list of tips and tricks that you could use whenever you play PUBG. We hope that all the tips and tricks that we have listed bring you more advantage in this game.

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