PuzzlePhone is a modular phone expected to release in 2015

First we saw Google who initially brought the modular phone project that goes by the name Project Ara, and then we saw a new competitor to Project Ara known as Vsenn, a company who had a similar goal but with limited customization. Now another company made of some developers who call themselves Circular Devices also introduced their modular phone concept which would be known as PuzzlePhone.

The main goal of PuzzlePhone is the same as what Vsenn came up with, where users can only upgrade three modules. PuzzlePhone does the same but they have divided the whole device into three sections called the Brain, the Heart and the Spine. The Brain consists of modules that are related to processing, The Heart consists of the battery and the Spine consists of display, speakers and the microphone.

A modular phone would be great as smartphones won’t go to waste and people would be able to upgrade their smartphones without throwing the whole smartphone away this would be a great start for an environment that is sustainable both ecologically and socially. PuzzlePhone would ship with Android OS on them but with time the company is also going to explore other open source operating systems.

These two competitors would also make Google work faster on their project now as till now Google had nothing to compete against and now the company has two new competitors and we are sure other will soon follow. Competition between these three companies would result in lower prices and new features as well in order to compete against each other.

Are you into the modular phone concept as well, if yes than what is it that you like about the concept and which company would you go for among the three that are mentioned?

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