Pxture – Edit Photos with Texts, Captions, Frames and Masks

Since the iPhone’s camera offers incredible quality, it is not a surprise to find in the App Store a wide selection of options to customize and make photos unique. Some of the favorite options for users is to add text over their pictures. It is even possible to ensure that the image shows through the text and this technique is know as masking. One of the most effective apps that enables masking is Pxture. With this app created by AppDeco, you can add something special to your photos. There are hundreds of font and mask combinations that will enable you to brand images on your own style. Here is more about what Pxture offers.

What Makes Pxture Special?

Although there are other apps that offer similar functionality, Pxture sets itself apart for its unique design and the impressive collection of colors and fonts that you can use to add a beautiful touch to your images. The interface is simple, yet appealing and the effects available will ensure that your pictures capture the attention of your friends, family and followers on social media sites.

The app is set to help you to let your creativity unleashed with the help of advanced effects that are usually reserved for professionals. Pxture unlocks the tools that will allow you to add an elegant touch to your photos, making them stand out.

The streamlined interface lets you focus on the functionality of the app and there are no distractions that can take you away from the results you hope for. You just need to rely on your creativity and the features that Pxture offers to edit your images on your own way.


Pxture supports a good set of options that will let you to edit your photos easily. The app boasts a wide collection of colors and styles, as well as carefully selected fonts that are regularly selected. The buil-in camera for selfies or normal photos is a practical option and you can also upload your favorite photos from your Camera Roll. Once the photo has been edited and you are happy with the results, you can save it to Camera Roll or share it on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, iMessage, or via email or text. Pxture supports emojis to add fun to your images.

How Does it Work?

Ease of use is one of the main advantages of Pxture. All you need to do is to select a photo or take a picture. Then you can tap “Edit Text” and enter your caption. The app allows you to pinch to resize and drag to position the text. You can select a font by tapping “<Fonts” and tapping “Mask” will allow you to select a mask effect. In order to tilt the text or make the font bigger, you can use gestures. The transparency can be adjusted as well and once you are happy with the results, you can tap “Share” to get a list of options to show your creation to others.


Pxture is an easy to use photo-editing app that will be particularly handy for avid Instagram users or anyone who wants to bring something new to their photos before sharing them. While the app can be downloaded for free, it supports multiple in-app purchases that cost $0.99 each. For instance, you can remove the watermark or acquire additional masking effects. Pxture is simple and gives you the possibility of creating stunning images, visually unique messages and even memes. It is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

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