Qualcomm partners with General Electric to roll out connected products

General Electric has announced a partnership with leading mobile chipset maker Qualcomm. The coalition formed between both companies will allow them to bring a new line of bulbs and other products that will be sold commercially. Using General Electric’s improved LED technology coupled with Qualcomm’s chips, smart household devices will be brought in to the market that will easily be able to sync with the user’s smartphone, tablet and wearable.

According to Beth Comstock, who is General Electric’s leader of Business Innovations, the upcoming smartphone products are going to be incorporated with computer chipsets that will not only allow users to remotely trigger their switches, but the company has an aim called ‘Industrial Internet’, where it plans to deliver cost-effective goods to businesses that consume far less power compared to traditional products, while connecting employees to it at the same time.

Additionally, Qualcomm will also be able to profit greatly from this partnership, seeing as how the mobile SoC behemoth has been facing some difficulty in the market after Samsung dismantled its partnership with Qualcomm. MediaTek will imminently be able to challenge Qualcomm’s supremacy thanks to the release of inexpensive mobile chipsets.

Currently, General Electric has not commented on whether the firm’s upcoming products will be a part of the ‘Internet of Things’. Since connectivity will eventually branch out to other product segments apart from smartphones and tablets, companies are coming up with newer ways of allowing regular household products become connected to the World Wide Web.

So far, other than the fact that smart light bulbs are going to make their way to the market, General Electric and Qualcomm have not detailed a comprehensive roadmap, detailing on how both companies plan on targeting the consumer appliance market. Since the tag team has just been formed, consumers should not expect any particular product to be released this year.


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