Qualcomm thinks 4k display is the new thing

A new discussion started on the internet lately about 4k displays and whether they should be used on a smartphone. Everyone has their own opinion while most of smartphone users are against it as they don’t even consider QHD displays that are at 2560 x 1440 pixels to be worth it and would rather use a 1080P display that uses less battery.

Though its looks like that 4k display on a smartphone is going to be a mainstream thing soon because companies have already started working on 4k displays that are going to be used on next gen smartphones. Now Qualcomm is also stepping in the game as the company thinks that 4k displays should be used as a mainstream technology. Qualcomm thinks UHD displays with 3840 x 2160 pixels should be used in 2015’s premium line of smartphones.

There is an argument though where it’s said that a human eye can’t differentiate pixel density above 300ppi which is on a 1080P screen nowadays. Qualcomm thinks it’s wrong and reasons that a human eye can notice the difference but not in the sharpness of the picture but rather the quality of the picture so the higher the pixel density the better the picture in terms of quality, but in the end using a UHD resolution on a 5 inch display can also be an over kill because it increases the pixel density up to 800ppi or more which would results in more processing power and battery drainage.

Qualcomm also thinks that smartphones should have 4k displays because smartphones nowadays are capable of shooting 4k videos and there is no fun if the video can’t be watched on the same resolution its shot at. In the end time would tell whether using 4k displays on a smartphone would become a mainstream thing or not.

What are your thoughts about it?

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