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Removing the RankBet adware and the Ads It Displays

RankBet is an app which operates as an adware and through this article, we shall learn useful information including how to remove it and the ads that it often display.

RankBet Adware Overview

Adware is a software which is supported by advertisements. It produces third party graphical content which includes advertisements. The advertisements that it usually carries include malicious and dangerous sites and software, malware, and even online scams. In fact, there are even some intrusive advertisements which come with executive scripts that perform stealthy downloads whenever clicked on.

Furthermore, there are even advertisements which are not suitable to be displayed on your browser or system or geographical location. Though this is the case, unfortunately, RankBet still poses dangers to the device and the user of the device. In fact, it is considered as a browser hijacker due to its standard functionalities of an AdLoad adware. Moreover, it also comes with data tracking abilities which means it could track your online browsing histories, usernames and passwords and even your credit card numbers. Hence, having RankBet on your device could infect your device’s system, have privacy issues, identity theft and even could cause you financial losses.

Adware Examples

  • NativeSimply
  • LegionSuites
  • AuroraShack

How did RankBet Install on My Computer?

Most often than not, adware like RankBet usually bundles with regular program installers. Once you have downloaded dubious sources or you have rushed installations, you could be at risk of getting exposed to bundled content.

Once you have clicked on something malicious such as some ads, then there is a possibility of you loading adwares to your device.

How to Avoid Installation of Adware?

For you too avoid installation of adware, it is always important to do research of the software. Ensure that you download from official and verified channels or platforms only.

Practice caution when you install apps or programs by reading its terms and conditions and using custom/advanced settings for you to be able to opt out of additional apps, tools and extensions.

Moreover, we also recommend for you to be careful when browsing malicious content which may seem legitimate. Hence, ensure to do some research before visiting the site that you would wish to see.

If you are suspicious of any application, ensure that you immediate remove it and make sure that you run a scan once in awhile.

Instant Automatic Mac Malware Removal

Manual removal of malware could be very tedious and complicated. Hence, we suggest for you to look into professional automatic malware removal such as the Combo Cleaner.

How to Remove RankBet Adware and the Ads It Displays

Applications Folder

  • On your Mac device, click on Finder Icon
  • Select Applications
  • Search for MPlayerX, NicePlayer or any suspicious applications
  • Drag them to Trash
  • Can your Mac for unwanted applications

Files and Folders

  • Go to Finder icon
  • Select Go
  • Click Go to Folder
  • Check adware generated files on library/LaunchAgents folder
  • Go to Folder bar
  • Type /Librabry/LaunchAgents/
  • Look for recently added suspicious files
  • Move them to trash
  • Check adware generated files in Library/LaunchDaemons/Folder by going to Folder
  • On the search bar, type Library/LaunchDaemons/
  • Move recently added suspicious files

Scan Your Mac with Combo Cleaner

To ensure that your computer is at risk-free and is clean, download and scan your computer with an anti-virus. We highly recommend for you to check Combo Cleaner Antivirus.

Through Combo Cleaner, your mac could be scanned for malware infections. If you find any, ensure to remove the found infections by clicking on the remove all threats button from your internet browsers.

Remove Malicious Safari Extensions

  • Open Safari browser
  • On the menu bar, select and click Preferences
  • Select Extensions
  • Click Uninstall button

Remove Malicious Extensions From Google Chrime

  • Go to Chrome menu icon
  • Go to more tools
  • Click Extensions
  • Click Remove

Remove Malicious Extensions fro Mozilla Firefox

  • Click Firefox menu
  • Select Add-ons and themes
  • Click Extensions
  • Click on the three dots
  • Click Remove


What harm can adware cause?

It could affect your browsing experience and system performance. Functionalities could be tracked which entails privacy issues. You could also experience a lot of advertisements which come with harmful content.

What does adware do?

It could provide intrusive advertisements and could cause redirects which could gather personal information.

How do adware developers generate revenue?

They earn commission from ad clicks, file downloads, site visits and many more.

Will Combo Cleaner remove RankBet adware?

Yes, Combo Cleaner could scan your system and remove the detected adware apps.

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