Raspberry Pi 2 arrives – runs free Windows 10

The Pi Foundation announced the second generation Raspberry Pi 2 with more powerful specs and another great and awesome thing – it will be running free Windows 10 system. Microsoft said that it is making a free Windows 10 version that will run on the new Raspberry Pi 2.

The Raspberry Pi 2 houses a quad core ARM Cortex-A7 Broadcom processor running at 900MHz and 1GB RAM (double the amount of RAM in Pi 1). And the most interesting thing about the new Raspberry Pi 2 is that it is only available for $35. With these specs, the Raspberry Pi 2 will give 6 times more performance boost than the previous top of the line Raspberry Pi board.

In an interview with TC, Eben Upton the creator of Pi said,

“With the Pi 1, there were people using it as a PC but you had to make allowances for the fact it was a $35 PC. The big difference with the Pi 2 is it’s a PC. It’s not a PC which is pretty good considering it cost you $35. It’s a PC that’s pretty good. We think there’s a real opportunity here… we’ve got a web browser, you can install LibreOffice on it, and then you’ve got a machine which is quite plausible as an entry-level PC”.

The Pi Foundation said that it won’t discontinue the previous Pi boards available so people who want to try out the Raspberry Pi can go for the cheapest board available named the A+ board for $20.

Raspberry Pi is a very simple and compact computer. It has the basic functionality of a computer which can used to build larger projects based on it. Raspberry Pi has sold over 4.5 million units since the launch of the product three years ago.

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